VC LTD / LCD2C advice

I am currently running a ZMF VC Leopardwood on an iFi Micro iDSD BL > Hagerman Tuba. with my second pair of headphones being an Audeze LCD 2C, Are there any other AMP/DAC recommendations that anyone else has an opinion on? I have tube rolled but I do not know where to go with if/or how to get more rumble out of my LCD2C’s. Besides EQ. I also own a pair of Grado SR60e/420.

I have been looking into a BF2>LP?

Don’t have experience with this specific chain, but from everything I’ve heard, the BF2>MLP should be a nice pairing and the LCDs do well on the MLP. VC may like a full on OTL or Transformer Coupled tube amp a little more depending on preferences, but I would think the MLP should do pretty well too. The BF2 should give good low end body and the MLP has good low end control.