VE Monk killer?

I enjoy the Monks a lot, but I was wondering if there were any Monk killers out there that you guys know of? This earbud category is not the most popular for some reason so I hope to find some info here.

What I’m looking for is a warm, mid focused but balanced sound, maybe a bit better built than the Monks, cause they never survived longer than 3 months for me, and they should of course be an earbud. Duh… As for cost, I’m open to “pricier” options, but for sure under or at 100USD

Apparently the Tin T2s are what you want. Mid-focused. KZ stuff is always a bit V-shaped (like their signature is a “hole” at 1khz. KZ AS06 are the less V-shaped I know of. More recommendations in the thread.

I believe TS is looking for an earbud type instead of an in ear type earphone ?

Well I would’ve suggest the Bose ie2, but I’m not sure if you can still get them. I used them for the longest time (not the most detailed / “audiophile” earphones), they were really comfortable and had good FR as an earbud while being open.

what monk are you referring to, ve monk plus?

For $2 these are pretty legit