Verum Audio opinions on them vs. Lower range Audeze ($2000 and below)

I am looking into buying the Verum Audio headphones and I would like to know how they hold up if anyone has bought and received them. I listed Audeze because they are well known for their planars.

Quite complete review with a lot of pad changes:

Someone needs to review these v’s the Thieaudio Phantoms…reckon they’ll go 12 rounds with a split judges decision lol.

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It’s a pretty headphone but for some reason looks disgusting once on someone’s head

The Verums also have quite the problem with channel imbalance. Their customer support is lack luster also

Meh. It’s not like Audeze and HiFiMan have a stellar track record for build quality themselves. The difference in risk of problems is less than one might think for a Kickstarted handmade project vs. established companies. :slight_smile:


Yeah, it’s just that you are more likely to be able to take advantage of a warranty then on a Kickstarter project. When my hifiman headband snapped, I just contacted customer service and sent my receipt and a picture of the broken headband and they sent a new one out within a day. I would just be worried if something went wrong what the process would be and how long it would take

Apparently it’s fixed now. :slight_smile:

I like the “carbon + silver” version.
I always wanted cat hear headphones too so, shrugs. :laughing:

I found this on SBAF.
Red: Verums.

Also, Joshua Valour consider Verum 1’s as “jack of all trades, master of none”.

Yep, and on that front what matters a lot is how close you are to the place where they can fix your problem - this makes the V1 much more of an option for Europe, the Middle-East and Asia (EMEA) than for other places. It’s just how she goes.

Someone even compared them to his 5000$ Abyss 1266CCs.

“The value/price ratio is so high in favor of the V1, I would rather keep the V1 and sell the 1266CC”