Verum One as an upgrade to 6xx?

I’m relatively new to the world of good headphones and am looking to get an upgrade to my HD6xx’s. I would really like to try out a set of planars and was hoping to get some input from people with more expertise than myself. I am very interested in the Verum One as I quite like its aesthetic and the DIY nature of it. I’m very close to pulling the trigger, but I have also been considering the HE4xx, Sundara, and SIVGA P-II. I am interested in something that is not fatiguing and is comfortable enough to be worn all day. Nothing with more clamp than the 6xx. Would the Verum One fit the bill or is there a better option?

I think I will also need to get an amp to go with it as my current amp is the Loxjie P20 which has a high output impedance. If the amp would play well with the couple of cheap IEMs I have as well that would be a plus. I am somewhat tempted to splurge on the RNHP for the amp, but I suspect that without higher end headphones to go with it my money may be better spent elsewhere.

I’d prefer to keep the total for amp + headphones at around $500-600. However, I would be willing to go up to $900 if it meant getting a better amp which would be futureproof for headphone purchases down the line. Dac is SMSL SU-8. Location is the U.S. I listen to a mishmash of music including pop, alternative, punk, classical, and EDM.

Regarding the amp, if you go with a verum one, I would instead recommend something like a schiit asgard 3, gilmore lite mk2, or lake people g111 imo as the rnhp is pretty nice with some headphones, but it isn’t the best for driving most planar where you would get more benefit from something with lots of power behind it. I also agree that I personally wouldn’t go over like 250 on your amp

So what do you like about your 6xx, and what do you want to change?

I like the sound signature of the 6xx though obviously I am inexperienced when it comes to that. I’ve listened to headphones with a bit more treble emphasis, and it isn’t that I didn’t enjoy them. It is more that they felt quite fatiguing after a while.

I dislike how close everything feels with the 6xx both in terms of sound and comfort. The sound feels very in your face to me which is great for some music but not so for others. My previous headphones were the HD598’s which fit my ears much better. The 6xx’s ear cups are just a touch more narrow in comparison which is slightly uncomfortable.

I don’t think that I’m looking for headphones which are detail monsters as the recording quality of the music I listen to varies, and I think that might make those songs less enjoyable. I apologize for not being able to give you a better idea of what I want in technical terms. I think to put it simply I want something which is going to have a slightly different sound from the 6xx and have strengths that the 6xx does not. I am more geared towards a headphone with an emphasis on being enjoyable and “musical” as opposed to critical.

Yeah i think you have the right idea. The Verum 1’s are known to be warm. and i think they would make a nice upgrade for the 6XX.

@Antpage2 Good to hear that I’m on the right track! Thanks for your feedback.

@M0N you recommend not going over $250 for the amp. However, only the Asgard is below that price of the three you listed (that I can find). Would it be a good match for my DAC + the Verums? Would it also be a good purchase that will pair well with some future headphone purchases? I’m also thinking of getting a pair of powered speakers to use for just watching movies. Would the preout work well for that on the Asgard? I realize that may be a lot to ask for a $200 amp, but I am curious about these specific points.

I’ve heard many people praise the THX 789 as being an amp that will work with basically any headphone. Would the extra $100 for that be a better investment in the long term or would you still recommend the Asgard over that?

Sorry for all the questions! I really appreciate the help with figuring this out.

If anyone else has any input with the headphone choice I’d also appreciate that.

so that was a bit confusing my bad, I was also pointing out alternatives to the rnhp in the same performance range, but accidentally grouped the asgard 3 in there. I do think the asgard 3 would be a solid pairing for verums imo, would be very nice. It does indeed work well with other headphones as well, pretty versatile. The preout will work no problem for the powered speakers

I would personally recommend the asgard 3 over the thx as imo it’s higher quality amp overall, along with that you don’t have to convert to balanced so that saves money and also has a pre out where the thx only has a pass through

@M0N OK awesome thanks so much! Do you think the Verums would fit what I’m looking for based on my reply regarding your question, “So what do you like about your 6xx, and what do you want to change?”

I think they do, they are warmer planars (with the newer pads), which you might find pleasing. I think also seeing if you could squeeze in a used lcd 2 if you find one would also be very up your alley imo

I’m currently on the lookout for a deal on a RNHP. How much better would you say the RNHP is for dynamics compared to the G111? If it’s only slightly, I may prioritize that instead. What are the other Lake people/Violectric amps you think are great for the price? I’m aware of the V280 already.

I think it depends on what headphones you go with for which one you end up choosing. Regarding dynamics I think it depends on the headphone, with stuff like the clear I think the rnhp might be a bit more dynamic, but with like an lcd 2 or something I think the g111 ends up being more dynamic. For the majority of your headphones I would prefer the rnhp and what it has to offer imo

I like the lake people g103s, g111, rs 08. For violectric I like the v280 and v281. For niimbus I like the US4+, real solid. Meier also worked with lake people on the corda soul, and that’s pretty sweet if you are into it

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Sorry, I meant dynamic driver headphones. I will keep the RNHP as my priority and keep an eye out for those other amps.

i read vacuum one :smirk: