Verum ONE - Balanced Cable

What cable options do we have if we want to run the Verum ONEs balanced?

If my memory is correct, they use 2.5mm connectors so most Hifiman cables will work. The Sundara uses 3.5mm but the rest use 2.5mm, and with the number of people who have them I’m sure you can find a cable second hand for cheaper.

I’m using venture electronics customs with 2.5mm connectors on mine, works like a charm. Same cable I use with my HE4XX.

What amps are you all using with your Verums, btw?

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Right now I have a RME ADI-2 DAC using single ended to power the Verum ONE which sounds great. Tomorrow I will have a balanced cable so I will give the P20 with W.E. tubes a shot. Also waiting on a THX 789.

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How did it sound with tubes? I’ve never heard of planars and tubes going well together, but I do like tubes! How did playing it balanced work out?

Good luck on that 789. I’m thinking about going for the Monolith THX AAA 788. But i’m in the UK and so returns are going to be a pain if it doesn’t go well. Z reviewed it well, but I want some more opinions, especially in combination with the Verum 1s

I’m just as likely to end up with an EL amp and just run it from whatever DAC I end up replacing my rPlay with.

I’m now using the Ablet HiFi Cable with 4-pin XLR Balanced Male to Dual 2.5mm, but in the USA it looks like they’re cvalled NewFantasia.

They’re not the nicest cables, the cable that the V1s originally arrived with is significantly nicer. I imagine those in the USA probably have a lot more choice than those outside.

These are well built 2.5mm’s just select the source connector, in fact i’ve just ordered my second one…

UK based mind :+1:

Those look nice, but that price is oof.

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Seems pretty fair for a custom cable, on the cheaper side if you compare most custom cable makers

That’s fair, but I just put down the money for a THX, a balanced cable and we needed AC in my house. Everything feels expensive right now :stuck_out_tongue: