Very Short Eartips

Hello! I’ve been looking for a shorter Eartip for IEMs. I have an issue with any regular Eartips where they will fold up and slide out of my ears. The type is typically used by True Wireless Headphones, but I don’t know if any sort of companies that make these types of Eartips.

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maybe spinfit has the tips you are looking for

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The shortest I’ve come across is JVC Spiral Dot Tips.

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Try these maybe


Those are excellent too, I had forgotten about those because they can be difficult to fit on certain nozzles, due to the shorter length. Good call @A_COC0NUT! Comfy as hell too. Took my Ikko OH1 to a different level.

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Ah I’m sorry I forgot to specify that foam doesn’t work for me, I’ve never been able to get any in my ears despite following instructions (roll the tip, pull back the ear etc.)

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You sure Ikko I-planet wouldn’t work? They are foam yes, but very short. You might like them.

Maybe, I’ve just had some very bad luck with any and all foam tips I’ve used.

If you don’t like them you can get a return and refund from Amazon I think.

I tend to use only silicon myself. The Ikko are one of the few foams that work for me.


Some of the shallowest I’ve seen are for TWS in-ears, like from Comply, etc.

Comply tips are the most uncomfortable for me. Not sure why, they just are

With 7,5mm length, the shortest in my portfolio of silicon tips.
They are my absolute favorites.
I ordered it through Amazon.

perhaps looking for smaller rather than shallow would be a good idea?

In order to get a good seal, he would have to insert the noses of the in-ears fairly deeply in that case, which would probably cause pain or feel uncomfortable. In addition, these are not long enough on most cans anyway.

Do they produce good bass response? I would think so due to the extra surface being shared between the stem and the balloon. I ordered some since they look good :wink:

have you already received it? If so, what do you think of them?

They are really short. Also comfort for me is average. When, I use them on my iems I do not like the sound though, very glarey sounding in the treble compared to say the spiral dots.

I made some for a pair of Galaxy Buds I have using the memory foam ones for a Tin T2. Just get a decent size pill cutter and chomp those bitches, as long as you don’t cut past the nozzle you’ll be okay.

Aside from the Spiral Dots, the “Azla Sednafit Light — Short”. This version is approximately the same length as the spiral dots and offer the intermediate sizes, just like the JVCs.

Here’s a link: