Vibrolabs T50 based headphone

I have had some good success with my vibrolabs kit, fantastic bass and overall sound is up there with the best T50’s and nicer than many $500 headphones. One of the few headphones I can listen to with no EQ.

I was really tempted by these when I was looking for a new set of headphones. Nearly got a set except a set of ZMF Ori’s popped up and I couldn’t pass them up… Maybe one day

I actually had an Ori for a few weeks. I didn’t like that the cups don’t pivot correctly. The Vibrolab kit is amazeballs. I think Z might be reaching out to them for a review unit.

Might have to check them out in the future. I’ve taken my Ori pads and rotated them like 60 degrees around. This allows them to seal better and is still super comfortable

Do you have the newer Ori’s based off the MK3?

My Ori is technically an Omni based on the Mk2. Built in late 2016

I see. Maybe they have altered the design of the swivel mount more recently. The older blackwoods had that issue of limited rotation, but I am fairly certain that the issue has been resolved with the later iterations.

Are those attached cables?

Yes unfortunately but I know that he is working a new version of the cup, this one is not really made for it but the sound makes up for it.