Video editor recomendation?

Hey there, I am trying video editing recently. And I’m using TunesKit AceMovi. Do you have any other recommendation?
All the replies will be greatly appreciated.

Personally, i think that Da Vinci Resolve is the way to go if you are starting out.

First off its free - and not the crappy kind of free, this is an amazing piece of software that is extremely powerful, the only reason its free is to get you hooked, so if you ever become a professional you will buy the Pro version

Fairly easy to use - If you are just starting out most of the things are pretty straightforward and easy

Powerful - it might be simple at first but it has a lot of muscle once you really get into things, for example, its amazing if you are doing color corrections

Keep in mind that video editing can be pretty intensive for your PC (particularly if you are editing 4K), so unless you got a good CPU and GPU, keep it simpel if you want to edit fast


Also learning Resolve for the start great since it doesn’t limit you if you ever want to go professional. Some places use different kind of for editing software (i used to work for a company that only used Final cut, but when it came to color work it was always Resolve )

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Thanks your suggestion, I have used Da Vinci Resolve, and it is really nice and wonderful.

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Da Vinci and Windows Moviemaker are perfect for beginners. Easy to learn and you don’t need to pay for simple editing tools. - you can try this one for advanced video editing.
Good luck!

While DaVinci Resolve is somewhat easy to start with, it is a VERY complete toolset to create an entire movie (including mixing the soundtrack).