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More and more we see soundtracks stand out, among regular music releases. Part of this is also, Videogame music. With up and coming talented indie developers, there are also great musicians. VGM is not really a genre. Do you like to listen to specific kind of VGM? Chiptunes? Orchestral rendition? Heavy metal? Jazz? Blues? Share your thoughts.
Among the VGM niche, there is also another niche, VGM vinyl. We have a dedicated group, where you can keep up with latest news and rumours about VGM releases on vinyl.


If you like one particular Videogame and the virtual world, you probably will like the music because it gives you a context …in rare cases ,sometimes there not much of a good game but the Soundtrack is astounding good…

here are my examples

The Talos Principle (actually like the game :blush:)
The Old City: Leviathan
Silent Hill 3 (never played …it is so melancholic)
Deus Ex (because if somebody mention it on internet people install it)
Fallout 1+2 (the music just works without the game)


I have a few soundtracks in my music library that I like a lot. The ones that stand out would be:

Interstate 76 Awesome Funk

Dooom (2016) Metal, of course

MInecraft Uhm… Instrumental?


I actually bought the last of us soundtrack in vinyl but there is so much good music in games that goes unappreciated it’s insane.


This may mostly be nostalgia on my part. I’m old.


sharing, what i consider to be, hidden vgm gems


Virtual pool for the original PS had a pretty banging soundtrack.

Paranautical Activity’s soundtrack went HARD. This is one of my favorites.

Project Diva has some really good songs.

This song has actually brought me to tears a few times. It might be my favorite song…might.


This is awesome! I really love it how soundtracks of a game draws you in, conveys a relative setting or atmosphere.
@GrimLife: Even though I don’t know anything about the game, ‘Hack//G.U.’ OST have me strongly considering buying it.

Last year, got a couple of CD’s from ‘Nier Automata’ and periodically throughout I’ve put on a couple of track and just let myself consume.
Command and Conquer, the original Red Alert, to me strongly conveys this sense of industrial warfare.
Final Fantasy orchestration, released under the name of ‘Distant worlds: Music from final fantasy. Haven’t actually played any of the games, just found the music highly engaging.
One of my favorite games, stories… VN’s. Steins;gate. with that my inclination towards the song’ likely biased.


Of course every Halo soundtrack holds a place in my heart, both Destiny games also have awesome soundtracks in my opinion.

Can never go wrong with the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 OST


I think the only game soundtrack i own is the “Interstate 76” and the “nitro pack” addon, as i bought the game when it was released way back then.

Back in the day, when i was gaming on the C64 and the Amiga500 there where lots of games with great music, but that was more theme song rather than complete soundtracks. Composers like Ben Daglish, Rob Hubbard and Martin Galway spring to mind

Personally the best game soundtrack I’ve ever heard is easily Bloodborne. It’s just perfect. I listen to it all the time!

Some other favorites of mine would be from the Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver series.

Gen_go’s comment about if you like a particular video game and the world it’s in, the music will be good because you reference the game when listening to the soundtrack. It’s no surprise to me that my favorite game soundtracks are also in my favorite games!

I’ve also always enjoyed the Super Metroid soundtrack, especially the Brinstar Underground Depths:

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I really wanted a MIDI version of this intro to Super Tecmo Bowl.

This VG cover band has some merit.

I haven’t thought of Interstate 76 in a long time. I loved that soundtrack. I associate a song to that sountrack, but it could been part of game demo CD.

WarCraft 2 and the expansion I remember being awesome. Though I listened to the hidden track “I’m a Medieval Man” again, and it made me question everything I like.

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here. because you need this in your life.
i was breastfed Donkey Kong!

Click The symbol on the left in the top corner to sift through all the DK remasters

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Supergiant Games’ games have great soundtracks.



Other than that,
Nier Automata:


I counter with the highly underrated prequel with top tier music


Highly underrated nier automata prequel

Some quality Genesis tunes

Some of my favorite game soundtracks in recent years have been Axiom Verge, Ori and the Blind Forest, I Am Setsuna, Offworld Trading Company, and Frostpunk. Samples below:


its closed off…