Vintage Amplification

Before I start, Let me be clear here… I’m not talking about any of the shitty all-in-one units to come out of the late 80’s and 90’s with dismal specs, including skyrocketing THD, and inferior build quality

I want to know who else appreciates or is using vintage amplifiers and/or preamplifiers on here.
Ever since I started becoming interested in audio, vintage units have always been a part of my system. Whether it be amplifiers, preamplifiers, TT’s, etc…

I have worked my way up from my first system, a Kenwood KA-4004 integrated amplifier with a pair of KLH 6’s, all the way to Kenwood Laboratory Reference gear, as well as Sansui, Luxman, and the likes.

For the cost of buying vintage gear, and restoring it for years of future use, I feel that you can do much better than buying new.

Show me what you got!

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Luxman M-4000


Sansui AU-11000


Unfortunately i in my younger years got rid of an old Tandberg Sølvsuper 11 :

It had an issue with noise on the left channel if i remember correctly, so i ended up giving it away to a friend of a friend, who back then atleast, collected old radios and stereo equipment.

I also had an Akai reel to reel player with an 8track slot in the side that was inherited from a relative. That to was not in working condition, and at one point it was taken to the recycling plant :confused:

Im kicking myself in the leg for not keeping the Tandberg myself though… i rember it has such a nice “warm” sound when it was working properly :slight_smile:

I have limited experience with classics. However I lived with someone who paired a McIntosh 4100 with a set of Totem Hawks (now that’s a brand nobody talks about), and it was a magical combination. Sweet bass and lively, clear vocals. All from a late 70’s/early 80’s solid state. Didn’t handle more contemporary music so well (things with distortion, high digital production). But Toto, Steely Dan, Alison Krauss? Nailed it.

On the other hand, it’s a $3500 setup, so it better sound good.

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Alesis RA 300

Right now I am running a single amp in stereo. I have a second one that needs a little maintenance. When that is fixed, I will run them balanced in bridged mono. Destructive in my small listening space!

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I have a pioneer QA 800A QUAD AMPLIFIER. I want to hook it up to my modern Onkyo HT R590. The issue I have is this AV doesnt have pre out other than the one specified for the sub woofer. Does anyone know how i could hook the vintage pioneer to the Onkyo? I’m thinking just any input to any output, but really arent sure . Any help is greatly appreciated. Also I have the pioneer hooked up to some sansui sp7500x speakers.