Vintage Direct Drive Turntables

Wanted to see who out there had any experience with some of the classic direct drive turntables. Ive owned a mix of belt drives in the past but they ended up getting sold off for one reason or another. My two primary turntables consist of the classic Technics SL-1210 mk2 and a lesser known Technics SL-1100 turntable.
I’ve often looked at models from other companies like Denon or Sansui which also have a solid line up of direct drives.
It would be nice to hear what others are enjoying in this category.

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I run a 1978 Pioneer PL-518 direct drive auto return table and love it. My dad bought it new and so I am the second owner. Had it servicd and the lift arm replaced last year. Also had to replace the feet (a known issue). Decided to change the headshell because I like the gold to match the table and also upgraded the cartridge to a Nagaoka mp-110. Runs like a champ!


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