Vintage: Marantz CD50 -> iBasso Anaconda DAC/AMP

Something fun for the weekend. I seem to keep all my old gear rather than do the sensible thing and sell/recycle it. Anyways I set this chain up today and reckon it sounds better than the Fiio/Hiby DAP Amazon HD I normally listen with. Totally unwieldly and I have to look for my CD’s, but it just sounds so darn good.

Does anyone else do anything quite so ridiculous in the pursuit of quality or just plain nostalgia?

This will never replace the DAP (can’t leave my desk for a start), but I was taken aback by how good it still sounds. I find streaming (not so much downloaded) music always has a habit of stuttering or noticeably switching quality from time to time. No big deal, but you don’t get that listening to a CD!

Anyway - this is for fun and I’m really not suggesting old stuff is as good as new, but wondered what other people did with their old gear and if they get a kick out of using it from time to time.

I’ve been listening to Miles Davis - Bitches Brew for the last couple of days and maybe the classic stuff sounds better on older gear :wink:


Same as old jeans and sneakers feel more homely…but yeah I understand where you’re coming from :smiley: Miles always sounds dope though :+1: