Vintage Sony Stereo Amp TA-F5

I just picked up a vintage Sony amp (1977) . It works good just needs to be cleaned up and i’m going to make new wood side panels for it. I am looking for a good set of bookshelf speakers, preferably front ported, does anyone have any recommendations? It is 70 watts per channel into 8Ω.

Well, what budget? You could pick up a nice pair of vintage bookshelfs to complement it lol

Something under 1000, I guess i’ll have to keep an eye out too for any vintage stuff also.

Vintage ls3/5a’s would be a great, solid speaker if you can find a deal

Celestion SL6 are also pretty killer vintage bookshelfs

Alot of the good vintage speakers I know are pretty large, so that limits your options

thanks I’ll keep an eye out for a deal, see what I can find.

Think anyone could walk me thru setting this up?