Vinyl noob - first shooping list - please review

Good day and hello here

Right now I’m listening with Apple Music (subscription), iPhone and HomePod.

I want to get into the world of vinyl, but I’m not sure if I’m autiophile (even notice the difference in quality).

I was therefore looking for a rack, turntable and speakers for beginners. Did some research, but am a complete beginner and glad forn advice.

I am a big Rammstein fan.

I have a small living room and can not listen too loud, because of neighbors (poor isolation).

I don’t want to spend too much money as I’m not sure if this will become a new hobby of mine or gather dust in the basement.

These are the products I would like to buy, am very open to feedback/suggestions.

The speakers don’t have a power supply, not sure if that will work.

Have I forgotten any accessories etc? Is there anything else I need?

Shopping list (all new, nothing existing yet)

Kind regards and have a nice day

Hi there, and welcome aboard on HFGF.

Also, don’t worry at all about being “audiophile enough”, the snobbery of the community is vastly overstated, most folks in the hobby just really love their music, and just want to hear it playing at a good, engaging, and fun to listen to way. It’s all about the journey, learning what you like and how to get your system to sound good to you.

I know next to nothing about vinyl, but I am learning about the basics of system setup and components. I am not seeing a power amplifier in your shopping list. Typically, passive speakers need a power amplifier, that’s what “passive” means - they play the signal they are given.

The listings for the turntable you mentioned say it has a built in pre-amp. Think of a pre-amp as doing two essential jobs - it gives you a volume knob, and it standardizes the output to interface with a power amplifier in a stable, predictable, repeatable way.

However, the output from a pre-amp is what is a low level signal, and if you feed it directly to a passive speaker, it will be very very quiet. Nearly unlistenable kind of quiet.

An “active” speaker has a power amp built into the box that houses the driver. This power amp is selected specifically as being appropriate in power output for the driver or drivers in the speaker.

So for this shopping list, I would advise either 1: change the speaker selection to an active speaker set, or 2: select a power amplifier to connect between the turntable’s pre-amp output and the passive speakers.

Many “amps” that consumers are familiar with are what’s called an “integrated amp” which means it has both a pre-amp and a power amp built into the same unit. While this does result in having two volume knobs, it really shouldn’t pose a problem - many active speakers in fact also have a pre amp integrated. I mention this so you know that you don’t need to look for only a dedicated power amp, if you decide to keep this speaker selection, an integrated amp would work just fine.

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A record washing machine is one useful accessory I would strongly recommend buying. Even brand new records can be dirty. Vinyl records in general can quickly gain a lot of static and dirt, but both can be removed by washing them.

There is no necessity of buying some high-end automatic one - manual disc washer does its job fine. Aditionally, it is worth mentioning that instead of buying some special cleaning solution it is far more economical to buy mixture of distilled water and isopropyl that people sell over the internet.

One more protip about cleaning records- filter cleaning mixture something like every 6-7 records.

So hear me out, vinyl gets spendy once you start collecting. Below I’ve link cheap but a very good setup to find out if you will even enjoy the hobby.
The lp60 turntable is a known solid inexpensive starter turntable, that can be a little upgradable to a point. The Logitech speakers will basically hook up to anything and sound good doing it. They won’t be super loud and they simplify things until you are ready to jump down the rabbit hole.
I used this similar setup for almost 2 years but unfortunately I haven’t unboxed my lp60 since I moved.
Good luck with your journey.

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