Vinyl Setup Help

Need a bit of help. It’s a friend’s birthday soon and she really wants to get into Vinyl. It’s really not my scene so I don’t know what part’s to pick.
I can spend around £200/$250 on Vinyl player + Amp + Speakers. I really don’t mind if some parts are used if that will give a higher sound/performance ratio. I’ve heard Klipsch are good for Vinyl because of the horns, so if I can find some cheap second-hand ones that would be great. And I know audio technica make some nice turntables also.
Any help would be great.

Your budget is too small. Look for a vintage setup, most 70’s integrated amps have a phono preamplifier, that plus a turn table of the same era and some old speakers should do the trick. Look for known brands like kenwood, pioneer, technics, sansui, etc. It seems feasible but you will need to invest a lot of time tracking the components.

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Second option, look for a cheap Bluetooth turntable and pair it with some Bluetooth speakers. I wouldn’t recommend going this route unless it’s just for show.

I agree with this as well. There are some great options on the used market for turntables and receivers with a built in phono pre. These will be higher quality (if they are in decent condition) then most of the modern turntables and receivers at the same price. If you wanted new kliptch speakers, the Klipsch R-41M are about $150 usd for a pair. Again, cheaper prices can be had on the used market. Just make sure there isn’t damage or problems with the components you buy

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