🔷 Violectric DHA V226

This is the official thread for the Violectric DHA V226 All-in-one DAC/Preamp/Headphone Amp

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Fully Balanced Amp
  • 3500mW output power @100 ohm, 23V RMS output at 600 ohm
  • all SE inputs & outputs for analog connections
  • 1600USD

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Z Reviews


I did a review!


Watched the review.
I always wanted to get the V281, but availability is scarce (and expensive). I was looking to get this V226 as I read somewhere it has the closest sound to the V281.
I’m happy I watched the video! looking for the new amps for fall!

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They were falling to ~1200 used at one point… but 1400+ seems to be the new price point.

I’m watching the listing. Talked to the seller. He doesn’t know if the amp has the upgraded volume pot tho.
Saw one V281 FE upgraded volume pot and DAC for 1450 sold in less than 5h.

If I’m not mistaken, the upgraded pot will have a lot of clicking - and I mean A LOT. The “standard pot” has less. Actually, here’s a quick video of mine with upgraded pot:

If his sounds like that, you should be :+1:

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Thank you!

I have a general question about violectric amps.
They all have a very high voltage output compared to other amps so I’m thinking they’re a really good match for high impedance headphones (HD600 or 600 Ohm Beyers for example) but on the other hand might not be a good match for low impedance planars that need a lot of current and not voltage (Susvara, DCA stealth).
Is this true or is my thinking complete bs?

You’re partially correct, yes. The high output voltage is indeed intended to make them drive hi-Z loads well. Their older designs were not as good at current drive for low-Z and low efficiency planars. The V281 at least still does an admirable job with Susvara, HE6, Stealth, and some Abyss models. You will find better amps for those certainly, but it is far from poor. Newer Vios, including the 226, maintain the high voltage capability but also have new designs that improve their performance for low efficiency planars as well. Lake People at least claims that the 226 is designed to handle both such headphone types well. My testing seems to agree. It drives both my HE6se v2 and Beyer DT880-600 quite well.


Lake people are supposed to release the v202 and v222 (v200 and v280).

Do you all think is going to be like a v226 without the DAC? They are supposed to be a revamp/follow up for the v200 and v280.

Output impedance is something I haven’t really looked into. I’m curious if a Violectric amp would be a good upgrade for my Burson Soloist 3XP? Something with a high output impedance should pair very nicely with my ZMF Atrium from my understanding. I have mostly enjoyed the Soloist, but something about it isn’t wowing me. I’d like to get a truly excellent solid state to pair with my ZMFs. It might not be related to this thread, but the V550 or the V340 could be the way to go.

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Are you asking about output voltage or output impedance? The post you replied to was about output voltage but you said impedance twice. Solid state headphone amps with high output impedance are getting harder and harder to find. If you want high output impedance you’re better off finding a speaker amp with a headphone output on it or going tube amp, particularly an OTL. Solid state amps with high voltage output are much more common.

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My apologies. Wires got totally crossed in my brain. I was meaning to ask about output voltage.

Lol ok. If it makes you feel any better my PhD in physics doesn’t prevent me from making silly arithmetic errors :person_facepalming: It’s more than a little embarrassing sometimes :sweat_smile:

To your question, Vio amps (Lake People amps more generally) are as good as I’ve heard for solid states driving hi-Z loads. On the 300 ohm Senns they bring the bass forward and liven up the sound as tube amps are known to do with those cans. I haven’t heard ZMFs transform quite like the HD6?? series does going solid state to tube, but you still want a higher voltage output for those.


Hey guys, would you purchase the V226 or V222 + Dac

Although, if i proceed w the v222 route then i’m going to buy a cheap dac for the mean time, but if the dac section of the v226 is good enough for everyday listening then that should be okay right?

i plan on using them on my he1000 v2.

Thanks and cheers!

look at waves video a a few posts before, i know he has a he 1k and think he did a compairison with them
if i remember correctly he said the dac section isnt up to snuff compaired to the amp

Don’t you have a Bifrost 2 already? Honestly just continue with that would be my thought if looking at the 222. If you were looking at a used v281 or something perhaps then I’d say a different DAC as the BF2 could make things a little thick, but with the new Vio’s leaning a hair more towards neutral than the v281, the BF2 works well then. You won’t find a “cheap” DAC that sounds as good as the BF2 IMO.

Got this yesterday!


Someone on the headfi forum is selling their v222 for 950$. I dont know the seller. He posted it at the official v202 and v222

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Someone post a V202 for 750$

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