Violectric V280 V2

just got my v280 in, thanks mon mon.

after googling thought id share because it doesnt seem to have been brought forth by anyone.
(the revision)

If any of you guys know if there are any PCB or changes elsewhere please chime in, just messaged Violectric but thought you guys may already know. thanks


From what I know, it has a faceplate lift to better match their current lineup of newer products like the 590 or 530 for example, but I don’t think any internals or functionality has changed. Let us know if vio lets you know if there are any changes, if there are that would be really interesting :+1:

Edit: does yours look like this?

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hehe, thanks for writing mon. Will do when they get back to me, i think you may be right. i asked them very spesifically about PCB changes so im hoping for a good answer, i dont really think they changed the internals but was wanting to make sure, so i asked. Yes thats the one


oh and btw while i have you online, do you remember what the dip switches in the back is for? looked like it was one section of switches for each channel as well. anything worth touching depending on headphones maybe or?

Those are to adjust pre gain on the amp, basically they can come in handy if you have a higher or lower level signal than normal, let’s say that on the amp you find yourself with a low range of volume, or find yourself pushing the volume really high to get to the desired level, you can use the pre gain to boost or decrease the incoming level so you can get better range of volume on the amp. I would just leave it at 0 gain (all switches down) for now, but adjust it later according to your headphones and the level of your dac. Ideally you want a good range of volume where you are pushing into the middle of the volume of the amp and not having to be too high or two low on the volume

ok thank god for that, was not much to move on with my Clears, ill try these out then, thamks :3

First start off setting both channels to -6 and see how well that works

-12 went A LONG WAY, i can play with the knob as if its a pocket amp now which is kinda funny. whats the general concencus on playing with gain in general and what do you think yourself? any downsides?

I mean in this case I would just be reasonable about things, I wouldn’t go too high or too low if you don’t have to, just whatever feels appropriate for your uses, if set properly there shouldn’t be any problems

okok, thanks! ill go try -6 as well later on then, i see what you are thinking, its preset to 0 for a reason im sure, maybe they just put the option there should the need be big, ill be on the lookout for if it gets wonky sounding, less ideal. ill see if i can hear any differences with different headphones on different settings, arya and clear atm

results are in
a clear and concise support email for a change

Screenshot 2021-03-03 135813
i prefer the new design by far