Vokyl Erupt cable Nightmare

First post, semi-newbie audio enthusiast.

I recently (finally) got my Voky Erupts after Zeos’ review of them nearly a year ago, and they are fantastic except for one thing; their cable.

It’s rubber, twisty and kinked. It’s a 3.5mm 3 pole that splits into 2.5mm 3 poles into the cans. It’s not a deep recess at all for the 2.5mm plugs, so I would assume most third party cables would work, I’m just having trouble finding a 3.5mm to 2*2.5mm cable that isn’t janky as all hell.

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!

You have to select the 2x 2.5mm option.


Keeping this in my Amazon shopping list even though I won’t get my Erupts until the end of the year.

I give these cables a thumbs-up. If you search around, you’ll see lots of sellers selling them for different headphones. They’re very inexpensive, well made and are available in a variety of lengths.

My only criticisms are that they’re very slightly janky and they could get kinked when uncoiling them if you’re completely careless. For the price, I’ll happily overlook these trivial flaws. I’ve paid multiple times the price of these cables for ones that ended up being very disappointing.

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That cable is not going to work.

I’ve already tried a few cables I had lying around. You have to have a TRRS on both ends for the signal to work correctly. Otherwise, you only get sound out of the left ear. The only thing I have yet to try is a Mono 2.5mm cable. The downside is finding one of those, I reached out to Vokyl 4 days ago but have yet to hear back. I emailed them again today, I’m sure they’re just slammed right now so I’m just going to keep emailing them every few days for about 2 weeks before I give up on them.

As for the mono 2.5mm I was able to find one this morning and should be able to give it a try this weekend.

3.5mm to Dual 2.5mm mono

Edit: fixed link


Didn’t work.

I need to find Dual mono 2.5mm to TRRS maybe.

EDIT: Emailed Vokyl for a third time on this subject.

EDIT 2: Holy shit they responded. It’s like 9pm over there right now, I’m surprised. I’m guessing they realize this is a complaint and are working on an actual answer with a possible solution…maybe.

Vokyl’s response:

I’m terribly sorry, I had this all typed up and never sent it.

We’re going to put out some information regarding replacement cables shortly. I do recommend maxing out the volume on the in-line control when using with an amp.

Thanks so much for reaching out with your feedback and don’t hesitate with further questions.


Vokyl Audio

Vokyl Team:

Cables that do not follow the pinout shown in the below linked PDF will not work with the Erupt. The following TRRS, CTIA configuration is compatible and the best way to ensure the correct functionality. The Erupt absolutely had to be designed with this standard to avoid mic interference and user error. Standard mono jacks will not work with The Erupt, as using a mono jack will result in shorting out the audio in the right cup. You can check out our PDF diagram here.

I have looked for such a cable and every one I find only has a single end connection, not a dual end.

Just bumping the thread in hopes someone has found a cable. I’ve had mine for nearly a week now and love them. I’m very eager to throw the provided cables into a flaming pile of garbage though.

If you are willing to wait a few weeks and have one custom made, you can get a decent cable from hartaudiocables.com. You can get a quote, just make sure you ask specify the wiring diagram and 2.5 trs or whatever your headphones need. You can also ask about termination options that would connect to your amp/PC.

Thanks for the recommendation. I hit them up via email and purchased some other cables while I was there. I dig the disconnects.

I know this is a bit late, but if anyone is still having trouble finding a replacement for the janky cable the erupts came with, these DO work. Have them on my head right now. I bought the cables WITHOUT the microphone, so I can only speak to those.



How are you liking the Erupts…? There are still barely any detailed reviews out. Mine are not here yet, so I’m trying to buy any pads/cables I will need, before they get here, to make them sound as good as they did in Prototype. Suggestions…?

I imagine you could also use 3-to-4 pole adapters(and reverse) with many/all of these cables in this thread. I have a 3-to-4 adapter ready to use, in case I run into something with a non-removable mic, going into my JDS ATOM.