Vokyl Erupt Impressions, Reviews, and Photo Dump

After nearly a year, Vokyl’s Erupt headset is finally making its way out into the wild. After receiving my pair earlier today and listening for an hour or so, I am impressed. I am not ready to give full impressions and comparisons, but I wanted to open this thread with a bunch of photos I’ve taken of the final build I received to give people an idea of what to expect. I apologize in advance for the sub-par lighting and photo quality, I just have an iPhone 6s. Let’s start with some simple shots of the headphones:

Close-ups of the cups (Cobalt Blue with no splatter, which has become the new final appearance people buying these can expect):

The cups have a relatively matte finish with a slight shine in the light. The 2.5mm jacks on the cups recess a bit, but should be very manageable for plugging in aftermarket cables; the 2.5mm jacks do not have any kind of locking mechanism to prevent the plugs from coming loose, but have a firm connection when inserted.

Some shots of the vented pads (which came preinstalled on them) and the “solid” pads:

The V O K Y L lettering is colored to match whatever color your headset is. The second photo shows how thin the fabric mesh is covering the driver (same on both sets of pads). The solid pads are solid on the outside and where they press against the head and perforated along the inside. Both use a fast foam (it doesn’t seem like memory foam(?) but it’s extremely comfortable and has gotten too hot on my head as I’ve written this up). The pads fit around a metal ring, with enough room that you can spin the pad around without worrying about damage. Don’t worry though, they are on tight enough that they shouldn’t need constant adjusting (looks like they took Zeos advice, these are REALLY easy to pad swap)

This picture shows the metal ring I mentioned, as well as the driver which is behind a metal enclosure, similar to what Zeos showed in his initial review:

(We interrupt this post to throw up a quick shot of the headband. Mine came slightly deformed/bent from being in the case with everything else, but this is minor and does not affect comfort. They will reshape with time.)

The cable is perhaps the biggest weakness I can find from the entire package build-wise.

It’s not so much that it is a straight up bad cable(s) as much as some strange decisions were made. The cable is relatively thin, which looks pretty silly compared to how high the build quality is on the headphones themselves. The Y split is an actual Y and a bit bigger/wider than I think it needed to be, but it works well enough I suppose. The connectors on the 3.5mm plug and 2.5mm plugs going into the cups are also a bit longer than I’d like. Both are 4 pole TRRS (CTIA Standard) and the cable is about 6 feet long.

Both use the same enclosure that has a volume control and mute switch but the mute switch only does something for the mic cable as far as I can tell. These controls are way further down then I expected, going a bit past my waistline. Both work fine and I haven’t had any problems with them.

The only thing different between the cables is that one has the mic attached on the right (the mic itself is in a metal casing similar to the headphones) with memory for positioning (thicker and stiffer than my V-Moda BoomMic Pro, I might add)

I will say this. Vokyl encountered issues with their original mic cable design and had to come up with these quickly to stay on track and get all backers their headsets before the end of the year. The original design was to have the mic portion detachable so you could use one cable and simply add the mic on if you needed it. I think the original design probably felt a bit more substantial as a cable, where as these two cables feel more like cables that would come with portable headphones.

Overall, I would recommend an aftermarket cable for just headphone use. Vokyl have mentioned revisiting the idea of a detachable mic in the future, so we may see some changes in the cable as time goes on.

Lastly we have the case, which all backers also receive. It’s a pretty standard black case that’s bigger at the bottom (58X for sense of scale) that had the cables, solid pads, a carabiner, and a quick user guide in the interior pouch. The extra pads sit side by side in the pouch without compressing.

Some final notes:

• Opening up the case, the headphones have that “new car smell” :drooling_face:
• Covering up the back of the cups does not affect the sound much from what I can tell, but the vibrations from the bass can be felt some
• I can lay in bed on my back and wear these comfortably. They have the right amount of clamp for me (I can ease my head down to the pillow and lay down near flat without them falling off). In this context, the cable may be better for forgetting it’s there and not distracting or bothering me as I lay.


Anyone know where to find a replacement cable?

I don’t like the volume control on the cable.

I already tried a standard 4mm to 2.5mm and it only plays music in the left channel. Looks like it’s gotta be Xmm TRRS to 2.5mm TRRS or it’s a no go.

You’ll probably have to go custom, I don’t think two TRRS connectors going into cups is very common from what I’ve been able to tell.

I emailed Vokyl directly so we’ll see if they get back to me.

Also anyone who was upset with the pads, ZMF Ori pads fit…kinda sorta. I have to put the stock pads on, when I get home, to see if they suffer from the same problem the Ori pads are. Basically what’s going on there is that the pad is getting stuck on the headband yoke. They leave only a few mm of a gap there so it’s barely catching, but when it does it no longer allows for any cup movement so it feels a bit odd if you move your head around. Could just be the ZMF pads being a tad too thick, but when they sit properly on my head, lovely.

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What about the sound of them? Anything you can tell us?