Volts Step Down Hz Concern

I managed to get a pair of Swans D1090’s from Amazon with the standard US 120/110V power requirement; Swans specs (AC 120V~60Hz 265W). Since I’m in South Africa where the standard is 220V, I need to get a transformer to step the power down from 220V to 120V. I can get transformer that is rated high enough (120V 50Hz 357W) but I need to confirm if the lower 50Hz will be a problem with the Swans which specify ~60Hz.

Any guidance is appreciated. Thank you!

you should try to get 60hz. 50hz and 60 hz signal is quite different. it will run on 50hz. but it may kill the amp long term or blow it outright at higher volumes.

No it won’t.
Edit: 60Hz transformer on 50Hz is likely fine. The other way round is BAD.

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glad some one else chimed in, i went with the side of caution. i know the states is “60hz” but is rarely actually above mid 50’s. wasnt 100% sure.

It depends a lot on the device

Anything with a motor directly powered from the mains, you need a frequency converter (or make sure it is a universal motor).

Heaters are likely fine (unless they have a fan, then above applies).

With PSUs, it depends on the type (switchmode, linear, etc.)
Linear needs exactly what the nameplate says it needs.
Switchmode can sometimes have stupid wide ranges. One I have is 65 to 250V, DC to 60Hz.

@electricjazz Can you take a photo of this area here?
Or the back in general since that does not seem to exist on the Internet.

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Do they advertise a linear power supply anywhere in the manual?

It’s a very concise manual, and there is no detailing of the power supply.

Just an update… The Swans have been behaving themselves with the step down transformer I mentioned. Very happy. Thank you for all the feedback especially @MazeFrame


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