VST Plugins in Foobar 2000

I try to run a vst plugin via Foobar 2000
the plugin I want to use is SPL TwinTube

installed George Yohng´s “VST wrapper”
activated the vst wrapper in the playlist dsp menue in foobar 2k
added in the vst wrapper both folders - first for foobar and second for the SPL Twin Tube
I can´t choose the SPL Twin Tube plugin in the tray icon menue of vst wrapper

any thoughts?

is it possible? - foobar sits in the 64Bit programs and SPL TwinTube is a 32 Bit file

So I have had issues with vst running nicely in foobar as well, and I just use a daw with foobar being routed in through asio and routed out to the dac

Here is another forum thread for some vst host ideas if you don’t want to run a full daw https://forum.reasontalk.com/viewtopic.php?t=7507548

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thank you for the link - your chain sounds quite complicated :slight_smile:
which DAW is it foobar being routed through?

have googled the last hours a bit and I will try some other vst hosts after office

asked the friend of my wifes sister and he comes over, if I won´t get it running
he produces music since the 80s or so and knows the plugin stuff front and back

Cool, he should be able to help. I use mainly 3 daws for mastering (that I also use for vst hosting sometimes lol), that being steinberg wavelab, steinberg cubase, and magix sequoia depending on the project

saw some comments on the special plugin, that people have to make connections to the server for registering the product

got it from a special deal on “plugin alliance” - 29 instead of 199 … so thought why nit try it

I knew somehow, it will be a pain in the a… to get it running :slight_smile:

Yeah plugins can be a real pain sometimes lol

yes - like everything is fine … why not add something for sleepless nights … first world problems :wink:

Let me tell you windows and audio drivers don’t mix lol. It can easily become a nightmare if you dive in not knowing much

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my wife wanted for years a mac and I told her I hate the closed iOS … since audio became more important to me, I see my mind changing from time to time

a mac mini or a macbook air would make some things much easier

I still use Windows for all my audio stuff, you just have to spec out a PC for that to give you the best stability and reliability. Mac does not necessarily perform better per say it just happens to be a little more reliable when it comes to audio

so you mean special hardware parts, software or drivers with nothing else than audio stuff installed?

Well there are certain motherboards, graphics cards, drivers, and more that handle audio work a bit better, and also play better with some interfaces. You don’t need to do this, but you do want to make sure you have less issues if you are recording anything critical

I see … like a AVID for Video Editing

By handle better I mainly mean lower interference with audio, less latency impact, and more stable drivers with a lower chance of conflicting with other drivers

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