Wall Mount for Kanto YU6 and speakers with single bolt

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I’ve got a pair of Kanto YU6s and want to mount them on the wall. I cannot find any mounts that will allow me to utilize the single hole on the bottom of the speaker. This must be a common issue for other bookshelf speakers as well but I cannot find a solution.

I do not want to rely on clamping force or have to damage the sides of the speakers with screws.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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I have the YU6 as well, so am following.

The specs say 1/4"-20 threaded mounting hole, which happens to be the standard thread you find on every DSLR or tripod.

That 1/4" thread is annoying because it is almost exclusively used for photography gear.
Mics mostly use 3/8. So even from a sturdy mic-mount, you need to put something like this adapter on too.

Heavy gear like speakers is mostly smooth pipes (from 20mm to 38mm).

Looking through the K&M catalogue for ideas, I think the KM 24171 is among the best solutions.

What are your requirements for the mount… that is kinda important. Any adjusting needed (turn, angle, height), size and wall mounting etc. Plenty of options for any need.

Some or very little DIY might be needed, depending of actual needs.
Basically any this type wall mount will do. (K&M)

Bolts to fit 1/4 thread, few washers = speaker to mount and depending on mount -> place on wall. Get ur needs straight, what you want from the mount.

google “camera wall mount” gives tones of options, that just one of the first to pop up.

alternately, if you are handy. drill 5/32" whole through a piece of wood, pvc,l or w/e else, stick 1/4-20 threaded bolt through. bolt it down on the other side with threads sticking out. use washers. you can design it whatever color and design you want at that point.

I would advice not to look camera mounts.
Since in general they are meant to be used with cameras… that are like 5 x less the weight they would be used. Cameras in stand use are probably in ~2 lbs mark and UY6 seems to be 11 lbs.

Also everything concerning the actual structure and mounting is “bird bones” so you probably break something at some point. Actual wall, falling speaker and anything else along the way.

Proper speaker mounts are better even if little DIY is needed.
If you know what a hammer is and what to do with it. Plus what a bolt, nut and washer is. You have the “technical handyman qualification” for the task.


That mount may work when screwed to concrete or brick, but not in wood (or drywall).

That would definetly work.

If you need inspiration on how to build shelfs or brackets, take a look at this:

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