Want to upgrade my audio for gaming

Hello everyone, new here.

I have been looking to upgrade my audio for a while. I play mainly competitive shooters with the occasional single player here and there. I have looked around forums and guides/vids and cant seem to come to a conclusion. I have DT 990 Pro 250 ohm right now and am looking for a better pair of headphones. I am looking for something with better imaging and possibly more “fun” sounding than the dt990’s. I prefer open back, due to better sound staging and imaging but if closed can offer better then I will take it. I have looked at m1060, ath ad1000x, hd660s, dt 1990, Argon mk3, ADV alpha(cant find them since they are discontinued) and Denon AH D7200(but they are out of my price range). I think $500 is my budget for headphones alone. Really appreciate the thoughts and comments.

Do you have an amp? I think if you are looking for an upgrade for soundstage and imaging, I really think something like the dt1990 sounds up your alley, but I don’t know what you mean more fun sounding per se. The fostex x00 ebony or emu teak have pretty great imaging and also have a really enjoyable signature with good impact, but pretty intimate soundstage. If you didn’t have an amp already something else to consider might be the koss esp95x

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At the moment I do not have an amp. By fun I mean a bit more bass just for the cool exploding bits in games. I will be picking up an amp and dac for my setup. Since I need one for my dt 990 to get the best out of them and my future headphones. But idk which dac and amp to be purchasing since I was just introduced to what they are like a couple of days ago.

Gotcha, well personally I would try out an amp and dac first before you grab a higher end headphone. I think getting a liquid spark amp (which would give you more bass and smooth out treble a bit on the 990) and a dac like a topping d10 or smsl m100 would be worthwhile


Will do, thanks for the information.

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