Wanting good wireless headphones, P7/M3/Senn M3?

I’m wanting some new headphones to use with my phone around the house and for the occasional walk or trip top the shops. My cheap Anker wired earphones have died and using my wired Soundmagic E10’s is constantly getting me tangled.

Also I have a really fat head so a need something with plenty of stretch else I end up feeling like I’m in a G clamp!

Budget - been doing a bit of looking around - could maybe do the £250-£350 ones I see on amazon with their 5 month installment plan.

Source/Amp - Samsung Note 9 (upgrade in the autumn)

How the gear will be used - Mostly at home, cant bare to listen to the crap the Mrs watches on TV so I listen to music, podcasts and general YouTube videos. Will also wear for walks to say the shop or going pick my kid up etc. Most sources are soundcloud, Mixcloud, Spotify (all free) and I’m doing 3 month Tidal trial now

Preferred tonal balance - tbh I’m not that sure but I’m not a fan of the ‘Beats’ over bassed sound.

Preferred music genre(s) - Main one is various types of dance - Trance, techno, house etc… but then quite a bit of 80s synth, mild rock and punk pop.

Past gear experience - Well I’ve not really dived into the rabbit hole of high end stuff yet, the best I have used is my pc phones _AKG K702’s to a Creative Soundblaster X-Fi HD USB.

What aspect of your current listening experience would you like to improve? Well on my phone I have only used cheap Anker wireless and cheap wired SoundMagic’s so I’m sure we can do better.

So far I have in my amazon list - B&W PX7, Sony M3 and Sennheiser Momentum 3.

Any advice will be greatly received. Thanks in advance.

Have you considered instead, getting a small portable bluetooth receiver/amplifier with a little clip on, and then using wired headphones plugged into it? That is the best way to go honestly.

It’s coming off my phone which is always in my pocket or next to me - the wireless is just to avoid tangles and pulls - I’m super clumsy.

Pre order a :panda_face:? if you’re not in a rush?

Is that what I’ve seen people talk about on drop? Drop isn’t in the UK it appears :pleading_face:

I mean with a wireless amp you could get a really short cord and clip it on your clothing, or you could get an extremely short cord and attach it to the headphone headband or side.

The AUDEZE SINE DX b-stock is on sale at Audorama for 300$:


not wireless though

Aye this’s true it’s a big shame for the UK audio community, they had an EU out let while we were still members but it was pulled awhile ago :slightly_frowning_face:

I have just been reading about the EU warehouse, didn’t know they had set one up

I was futzing around looking at wireless as well. Found this on Amazon (US) and thinking about it. Bluetooth 4.1 though, but it would primarily be for music. This color is $150 vs. $300 to others listed.

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I wouldn’t recommend that brand, I don’t think Master & Dynamic are known as being very good.
If you need true wireless, there is the wireless version of the AKG K371. I would highly recommend those. Also the V Moda wireless aren’t half bad.

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