Wanting to Upgrade

Well hello!
So I’ll make this quick; Currently I’m running Sennheiser HD6XX connected through the Drop Alex Cavali CTH tube DAC/Amp combo and my mic is an Antlion Mod Mic

I’m a small time streamer, I mostly play FPS games (COD) or RPGs (Cyberpunk for example)

While I love my set up; honestly by far the best headphone set up I’ve ever had/ experienced in my Young 28years of life. When it comes to gaming/streaming it feels lacking when compared to headphones of yesteryear like my old Astro A50s or Trittons as far as it comes to hearing footsteps clearly and the position of them.

So when it comes to upgrading the only thing I know I want to for sure upgrade is the Microphone. I’ll probably end up getting the new Shure MV7 or whatever it’s called.

When it comes to headphones and the DAC/Amp I don’t know if the complaint is based off of the hardware or the software( the games themselves)

Thanks for the help

Hi! Welcome to HFGF!

The HD6XX is an excellent music headphone, especially when paired with a good amp and dac, particularly an amp with tube(s). It’s not the best gaming headphone, as you’ve discovered, because it’s spatial recreation (soundstage and imaging) aren’t its strengths.

What kind of budget are you looking at? You can seriously up the spatial performance with just a headphone upgrade. A new amp/dac could also help too but may not be necessary.

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Around 500USD mark as a Maximum

Do you think the Current tube Dac/amp combo I have is sufficient enough or do I need to budget for those as well

I think you’re amp/dac is fine as along as you don’t go crazy for power-hungry headphones. I’m a skeptic on how well it will handle a 600 ohm load, for example (although it might be fine, community feel free to jump in here if you know it’s fine).

I think you should look at the Beyerdynamic DT1990. It has great spatial performance, amazingly detailed, and should be easily driven by your CTH amp. Its MSRP is $599 but can be often found on sale or used for under $500.

If the DT1990 is a no-go, you could try the HiFiMan Sundara. The Beyerdynamic DT880 600 ohm is my go-to rec for buget gaming can but I’m not 100% sure how well it matches with the CTH. If anyone else out there knows that combo works well and confirms so, then it’s also a solid option.

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Okay I’ll look into those three! Thanks for the information

Would the 1770s be a good choice as well

1770 is likely an overall gaming upgrade from 6xx, yes. It probably won’t match 1990 or maybe 880 because it’s a bassier headphone. In this price range lots of bass tends to work against imaging capability to some degree. For single player games that thump can be more engaging. For competitive gaming it may be less of what you’re looking for.

Oh okay interesting note

I agree that the 1990 would be a great set of cans for competitive gaming. But I want to mention that tube amps prob are not something you want to use for competitive gaming as they add loads of distortion, fun and warm distortion but for something competitive you want the treble to be crisp and well defined.