Warm amp for adx5000

Hello, I want to upgrade from dt990 to audio techica adx5000.

Since my creative g6 only have 3.3 jack, i have to upgrade it too.

I was considering something like k9 pro , a30/d30 stack but i have read adx5000 sounds great with warm otl.

What do you recommend as amp / dac for adx5000 ?


Been there done that…

MHDT Orchid NOS dac
Schiit Vali 2 +

Simply awesome pairing…

Yes the amp is only $149 ! A Steal.
The Dac is more like $1300 +/-.

I have tons of other much higher cost stuff but this is really a very very good setup for the ADX 5000s here.

Vali 2 is out of stock in eu .

Valhalla 2 is ok ?

Where can i buy the orchid in eu ? I don’t see many review of it

MHDT’s website: http://www.mhdtlab.com/

Order info: Order

I would try to get a Vali 2 + or the newer Vali 2 ++ when it becomes avail to you.


Note: Yes not many reviews out there. Not the latest dac chip etc…Uses an early Phillips TDA 1541 NOS dac chip. Excellent and has a cult following!! LOL.

Made in Taiwan.