Warm sound iem amp?

Been looking for a good iem amp for home and on the go. Not looking to spend lots maybe 150 on one. I dont like super bright sparkle so looking for somthing with a warm tone also a bass boost switch would be nice also. Would love some recomendations and impressions of what some of y’all use.

Fiio q1 mk2 might be up your alley. Has a bass boost and nice features for 100 usd

Also know people like the EarStudio ES100, also pretty good

If you were to bump your budget to around 200 USD the ifi idsd nano black label is great for iems and has the ifi warm sound signature

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I like the look of the ifi

Its pretty solid, and ifi products have a warmer sound throughout their range. Don’t think it has a bass boost though

No it dont but the bur brown from what I have seen ppl really like it

Yes the burr brown dac implementations typically have a warmer sound compared to akm or ess dacs

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The Topping NX4 has a bass boost, but I don’t like the sound of the BGVP DM6 running off of it. They may be sensitive IEMs though, I’m not very familiar with them

I’m not a huge fan of the topping imo, but the dm6 is a more sensitive iem to amps

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What do u think of the fiio k3? Mon?

It’s not battery powered like the other units but it is pretty solid. Personally I would pay the extra 50 and get the fiio k5 pro now that it’s out with way more power, but for iems only the k3 actually might be better because of the lower noise floor. The Q1 mk2 would be the portable alternative

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Yeah the low noise floor was sounds nice with the ie match on the ifi. But no bass boost. Now the k3 has the boost but dont know if it will have more noise or if it’s so minor I wont notice. And the k5 pro looks nice and says it has bass boost but I dont see it on the unit myself

I don’t think the k5 pro has a bass boost, but I could be wrong. The fiio bass boost on the q1 mk2 is a mix of a sub bass and bass boost and pretty noticeable. The k3 is also fairly noticeable, but not as strong. The ifi is already kind of warm, but not as warm as the q1 mk2 with the bass boost. The unit with the least noise is probably going to be the ifi because it is essentially made for iems. If you wanted the ifi, I guess a work around to the lack of a bass boost could be to put an eq on the music player

The ES100 also has a full built in eq so that’s another think to look at

True that might be the way with the ifi I use pulse effects on my laptop most days anyway and this is my dedicated iem setup.

Well the nice thing about using eq is that you can adjust the bass boost you your liking, where if you didn’t like the bass boost on a product you would kinda be stuck with it. Granted eq is another thing to mess with though, but you can just set and forget it

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True ima order the ifi and see if I like it off amazon and if not I’ll start heading down the list lol

There you go, a easy way to get things done lol

Reasons amazon is the winner always lol

Prime shipping has ruined me

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