Warmest Powered 2.0 Bookshelf speakers?

Hey everyone, I’m looking looking for a recommendation for a set of self powered bookshelf speakers, budget is around $500 USD. I could go up a bit in price if it makes a big difference but would prefer to stay under $600 USD. What I’m really trying to target is a warm low end sound profile, but not sub bass. These would be used for a pretty broad mix of music, movies/tv shows.

I have a pair of Vanatoo T0’s and love them but without a sub they’re just barely not warm enough for my tastes, and with a sub, the short version is the warmth I’m going for is either crossed over too much to the sub (when crossover is at 125hz) and somewhat displaced by sub bass, or when the crossover is at 80hz, the warmth mostly comes back to the speakers but still is easily outpaced by a sub. So my thought was to get a set of speakers with more of the low end presence I’m seeking and then add a complimentary sub later if I feel the need. Any suggestions would be appreciated

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I’m thinking that the idea of “warm” speaker might have some relation to headphones and how people describe them. Except that does not apply with speakers in the same way.
Cause you have your own “space” where the speaker will be and pretty much everything has a effect on end result sound.

If we are looking at powered loudspeakers / studio monitors in general. They should sound “pure” as in levels with treble and bass are inline, smooth frequency response. Not too much bass or not too much treble. They usually have options to have few clicks more or less treble or bass.

So the idea of “warm” speaker is IMO bit strange.
Just by moving the old speakers, you will have room effect that might make it more bassy or less.
You could EQ more bass to have more bass. Easy solution, add bass to T0’s.

If you are looking for let’s say “more bass or feeling of a bigger bass” and still letting sub’s to play under the 80Hz or so, you need bigger bass drivers on the speaker. Meaning also bigger sized speakers. You have space for them?
Something with 6" driver probably would satisfy the need for more bass, depending of the room and other stuff in the space. Something like a 8" at least will rock the place down.

Second thing.
Vanatoo’s have many input connections available.
Usually powered speakers do not have that many or similar inputs. What input are you using or need?

Thanks for the response. I understand what you’re saying about using the term “warm” in relation to speakers. Placement in room, distance from walls etc can completely change the end result for the listener which could make the term less uniformly accurate. The term you used of “more bass or feeling of bigger bass” would be accurate for what I’m looking for. It would be correct to say I’m looking for something with a larger driver, around the 6" range most likely with the space I have available, although an 8" driver would be cool, I doubt I could make one fit easily.

As far as inputs, I really like the convenience of Bluetooth, I realize it’s not the preferred input for audio quality in general, but the convenience of being able to connect a friend’s phone or something is desireable. Although I assume something similar to a Fiio BTR5 (or a desktop bluetooth receiver with a 3.5mm or other input for the speaker) would work in place of built-in bluetooth. Otherwise, a standard 3.5mm input or XLR would be preferred.

I’ve been looking at the Mackie MR624’s or possibly even the Kanto Tuk’s (a bit over budget though), I believe I have enough room for either, although those would both definitely be pushing it, but I know if I want more bass presence I’m going to need a larger unit in general. I’m open to most any suggestion

Are you using them next to the TV or in a desktop setup?

Right now in a desktop, but when I move I was planning to use them with a TV. They will be getting put on stands in the near future either way however. Also nice picture.

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Klipsch The Fives would probably be too forward-sounding and a bit expensive, still an interesting option.

If you are gonna go broke and closer to the 1k budget then I would personally go for passive speakers + amp.

before getting the same vanatoos I used the iloud micros and they were way better tuning wise, almost like hd650s on speaker form, they’re smaller so the bass bottoms out faster and they don’t get as loud, I do miss their tuning though.

Maybe try eq-ing the vanatoos, I had problems using peace direct from usb, but connected from the analog out to a topping e30 it works well…

TUK can be warm if you dial back the treble all the way - in its default setting most would consider it bright. You are in the right mindset though as it can generate a lot of bass. Feel free to PM me if you have any specific questions.

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