Warning / WTF moment... 1/4 inch adapter broke in two

Oh well. An old Sennheiser HD 280 Pros adapter. Apparently they’re not made in one piece.

Had to take the pliers to remove it from my amp – 2 millimeters more and it would have been a pain in the ass to remove from there.

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Seen that happen with the mini jacks (3/8 or 3.5mm), never with the big one.

Is that a screw on style adapter?

Guess it was done playing music

That happened to me too. It just fell apart into a few pieces.

Yes. Ironically…
Screwed on to be sure it stays in place…
But the other half stayed in the amp. :no_mouth:



DOH! yeah that sucks. was curious because the monoprice retros come with a screw on adapter. i may stop using it lol. might be common with screw on style?

haha now i have almost convinced myself to take pliers to my screw on adapter just to see :grin:

Oh well, apparently I’m not the only one.

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Maybe the more expensive ones are made differently. The one on my HD58X and T50RPs appear to be well built and I can’t break em in two.

Now I see another pros of balanced 4 pin connectors.

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Wireless for the win!

…Just kidding.

PRO TIP Just use the ones that don’t screw in and just leave them in the port that way they don’t break


Individual banana plugs

I use the ones that do screw in so I don’t fuck up the 3.5 mm in my 990 cause replacing the cable would a be a bitch

Ive never had a problem with these from Sennhieser:

But the Dongle might be good if youre always plugging and unplugging:


If you take off the rubber bits and unscrew the hex bolts at the bottom of the atom case you should be able to get out the 1/4inch tip.