Wasapi error on Foobar with iFi Zen Dac

Hello averyone!

Does anyone know why I get this error when I try to play music in Wasapi (event) on my iFi Zen Dac? Also try ASIO but it doesn’t even list the iFi deviceCaptura

Did you install the ifi drivers?

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Windows automatically installed something when I connected it, do I have to install others?

I did not imagine that I had to install something extra, as Windows had already recognized it, I thought that I did not need anything else, I downloaded the driver and installed, now it works! Thanks for the information.

I see that I now have an iFi control panel, should I change anything?


You are probably set then, in windows I would make sure it isn’t at 32 bit though, I’d probably set it to 24/96 in windows audio and make sure any audio enchantments are disabled

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24/96 check!!! Im new in all this things, so I just follow orders :rofl:

Thanks a lot bro!!!

In Windows settings all I have options for are 32bit - no others… wacky and I’ve tried on a couple machines I have - always the same.

It’s no worries though, the machine I use the Zen on is my gaming machine not an “audio” machine, and I am only really using it as a DAC/preamp for a set of Edifiers…

I have all the options on windows settings for the iFi

Right - all I have are the 32 bit options… none of the 16 or 24 in the drop down…

Thanks for replying though, I did not mean to seem rude. Like I said it doesn’t really matter. Not like Train Simulator really needs to have pristine audio. I just want sound and I have this Zen just lying around - so… I put it to use.

I have a Edifier speakers too, the C2 model, they already have a DAC/AMP… can I get even better results using the iFi in them?

I am using the R1700BTS - no internal DAC.

Driver installed?

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I am an idiot. No it wasn’t.

I see a pattern. lol

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Now I have a problem with Mozilla, if I am listening to music in Foobar and I want to put something that has sound in the browser, for example Youtube, the sound does not work, I have to close Foobar or even restart the PC.

So if you use an exclusive mode on foobar, what it will do is it will lock other applications out from using the dac, as the name suggests exclusive modes like wasapi event/push/pull or asio will allow an application direct access to the dac and will change the bit depth and sample rate of the track. This typically brings a sound quality improvement as you are bypassing windows audio and getting a more direct connection to the dac, but it does prevent you from using other applications. You would want to use something like directsound or wasapi shared to maintain audio from other applications but you will take a marginal quality hit. Personally with a zen dac, the difference should be fairly minimal, so I would just suggest using shared for the convenience of it unless you are really planning to do some critical listening

What you can do is make some keyboard shortcuts to switch between wasapi event and wasapi shared if you wanted to, to be able to switch between these modes easily

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Right, I understand.

Which one should I use?

For wasapi shared you would use Default: iFi (since foobar recently got an update to change the default mode from directsound to wasapi shared), and then obs event mode is just something you can select

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Ok perfect, thanks a lot @M0N

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