Watch "All Them Witches - Full Performance (Live on KEXP)" on YouTube

Although it’s a little compressed freaking awesome!

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KEXP has lots of good shows… wish there was a way to get flac versions on youtube of this type of stuff. If only you could purchase the lossless source material to use for personal consumption.


Saw this comment and decided I should inquire, so I sent them an email asking if it had ever been considered. It may be due to how they are funded that they can’t ‘sell’ any music files or merchandise, but I’ll let you all know what they have to say when they get back to me.


Yes I believe so they’re a local radio station

They are a Seattle independent radio station that is mostly donnor funded. I myself am a local and contribute monthly as a donnor. Totally forgot to post this but here is what they told me.

“We don’t own the music so we can’t sell it or make it available for permanent download. We have licensing agreements that allow us to record and stream. Sometimes we get permission- usually around a joint record store day release or something like that.”

For instance this is one of those cases. Great band and great show!

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Fucking great sound this band has never heard of them or anything by them before. Will look for their albums… the guitar is the right tone for me and that drummer is insane.

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