Ways to get notifications when your favorite artists release something new

So this has been nagging me for a while but I never sat down to get it actually solved: how do I get notifications when any of my favorite artists release new stuff, without depending on whether it’s released on this or that specific platform (like Bandcamp will notify you once you Follow an artist, but not everyone’s on Bandcamp, or Spotify, or HDTracks, or whatever, and not all of these even have a notification function).

So far I’ve found this and I need to give it a shot, see how it does: https://muspy.com
Other ideas?

while they may be a central source to turn to…I would think you’d want to be connected to your artists social media accounts and get the notifications as stuff is posted or shared.

Yep follow your fav artists fb page is the way to go :+1:

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Nah, they often use that to promote concerts, life events and other stuff, causes they believe in etc., plus they don’t all use the same socials and then we’re right back to the platform presence issue (I’m not going to create accounts everywhere just to get this one thing done).

OK, so this Muspy thing seems to work, I just got my first e-mail about some Metallica “I Disappear (Leaked and Live)” release. The thing is, that release seems to be from April or possibly June 3rd, not sure why it would notify me now… maybe because the MusicBrainz database is user-curated and today is when someone just decided to add this release on there. I guess I’m OK with that kind of delay vs. just not finding out, or having to subscribe to 10 different paltforms.