We are back online it seems

Pretty much it. Unless it turns out that it was just down for me and a couple of other people for most of the day today


It was dead for me as well.

Nah, I checked on downforeveryoneorjustme.com and it was super-officially scientifically-proven down for everyone. :slight_smile:


Cool, I just wanted to check

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here the same - it was down

Yep it was a Houston we have a problem moment, glad Mon survived tho :+1: lol.

Lol ok so no one else matters to you

Nah mate not exactly…it’s just if you are responding and replying then all is well in hifi guide forum world lol :om:

Lol, I feel that dms or another mod responding would mean more, I have nothing to do with the operations of this site lol

Afaik it was down, someone who’s a technomancer has solved it for us.