We need a Z-EU section, more than half of us live outside the US

You know the feeling. Z drops THE review of the best thing ever you should immediately buy because the price:performance ratio is insane…

…except that it’s made in the US and getting it delivered to you would cost you more than the Argons so you give up.

Also, because on the opposite end of it, EU-made HiFi stuff doesn’t get reviewed enough by Z (off the top of my head, Dali, Q Acoustics, Cambridge Audio…).

So, what’s the EU equivalent of the Argons that Z doesn’t know about? :smiley:

Yes, I know the EU isn’t the whole world, the title just seemed convenient. World Wide Z?


Being in the US, I wish Kennerton was more readily available. But only if they address their comfort issues first. Had the Vali for a while (bought through Massdrop) & while they sounded great, I could never get them to sit on my head in a comfy manner.

Haven’t heard those tbh

There’s only been a couple of times where living in the EU has paid off in this sense. The Q Acoustics 3020 and the Dali Spektor 2

And I guess Beyerdynamic is a bit cheaper here.

(Still drooling at those Argons… :frowning: )

The other more than half of us live in Asia :smiley:

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So you have easy access to stuff by HiFiMan, Takstar, Sendy, Stax, Edifier, Topping, SMSL/Sabaj/Loxjie etc. etc. Still better than Europe. :slight_smile: