We really should be thankful for Drop and their audio products!

I don’t think anyone has ever shaken an industry with bringing such good audio at such affordable prices. they single handedly started a renaissance of sorts!

do you agree or disagree with me? why?

I’m a bit torn on this. I agree they have made many things more affordable. Things like the 6XX, 58X, Tin T2s, and Elex to name a few have altered the price to performance of headphones for the better. Unfortunately it seems like their success (mostly it seems with audio) is what made them alter their business model from the group buy style to what is essentially just a store front for their products. The old massdrop was a truly unique business model that covered a huge array of interests with a super active community constantly seeking out new products.

Great for Audio, and hopefully the company but a little sad for the old massdrop.


I totally get ya…and I know the answer to why they have more branded collaborations than existing equipment drops. they don’t have the volume. they can’t forecast the popularity of a drop, so can’t secure the pricing we hope for, that would encourage the success of the drop.

I’ve been selling electronics for 12 years and the systems in place aren’t friendly to pricing based on tiers or anything.

that said, it’s really only the audio section of Drop’s website that suffers from the self-branded collaborations, where they can secure better pricing and be profitable and keep on going.

I think MassDrop has changed the industry. Before them there were stores with entry level stuff with a bit of mid-level sprinkled in. Then high end dealers with a few pieces of mid-level to get you in the door.

MassDrop covers that part in between. Lots of very nice stuff with a Wide range of prices. Beginners and audiophiles alike can all find some cool shit on there.

I have a hit and miss record with MassDrop, but I love what it brings to the table. I have never had a mechanical problem, but haven’t always cared for the sounds produced.

I love the Cavalli LCX, the Focal Elex’s, Burson Fun, Senn HD58X’s and the Sony NW-ZX300.

I was not fond of the HE4XX’s or the HD6XX’s. I really like the variety of pads, cables and accessories though.

I agree with you that Drop is a big win for anybody that loves music.

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I think we should also give a shout out to YouTube channels like LTT and Hardware Canucks. They are the ones that pointed me towards massdrop for the Sennheiser HD58X as a gaming headphone. While less common now, LTT did/does occasional HiFi type videos that might help some normies take the plunge.

Oh yeah. their responsible for the 58x the Ebony the Elex. They find great headphones and charge cheap prices. i think they’ve driven prices down overall. All the best companies are willing to work with them. i wonder if ZMF has been approached. Yeah i think we owe them big time

BTW did you know the name Elex derives from nothing? Its combination of Elegia, Elear and the Massdrop X. The only other thing out there called Elex is a game and a amp.

I’ve seen zmf offer up cables on drop but I very highly doubt they’d offer headphones. With their production rate one drop would drown them in production for a year.

The Elex and the 6XX are enough to get my vote.

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