Weird Room Setup Need Advice

Im planning on finally upgrading from my cheap logitech desktop speakers to the adam t5v’s. However, im worried my room setup (or lack thereof) will hinder the sound. I have my desk setup in a loft where when speakers are on my desk, there is no rear wall. Instead its exposed to the rest of my house from the second floor. The best way for me to describe it is that there is a wall about waist height that my desk is against and it overlooks my living room. So my question is would that large open area behind the speakers hurt the sound? Also, Im sorry if my descriptions are very vague. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

it wouldn’t harm the sound a lot, was would make sense is if you had your desk on the other side, so that you have your back to the open space and the speakers facing the open space, if that makes sense. If you had your desk and speakers against the full wall with your ack to the living room.

It should give the speakers plenty of room for the port, but it might effect the sound. If you plan on using them nearfield, I don’t think you would have an issue

I have a similar situation. I want to add a sub to my 2.0 setup but my room situation is rather unique. I have an 8 x 10ft area in the basement partitioned off with moving blankets (4 blankets thick), they go to the floor with about a half inch air gap at the top, they isolate pretty well. Outside of that area the basement is 12.5 x 27ft, with 7ft ceiling, basement also has 3 open doorways, one of which goes straight into a flight of stairs. Do I need a monster sub or will a smaller one do? Thanks for any help in advance.

What type of flooring do you have? You might want a bigger one just in case, but it doesn’t need to be massive unless you really want to crank it. Also what’s your budget and speakers you already have

Short carpet flooring, about 500-600 USD, hooking up to Klipsch RP150-M’s on Emotiva A-100

You could go for a klipsch sub, but personally I really like the
SVS PB-1000 for that price

Awesome, thanks for the help

Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for the help everyone!