Weird sound and readings on my DT880

Hi all,

I recently made a post about modding my DT880s and how I managed to murder the left driver somehow. I got a replacement driver from Beyerdynamic and installed it and everything’s working. However, I feel like there’s a slight issue with the balance. I opened it up and took my multimeter and I measured 249 ohm on the left driver and 265 on the right one. The 265 I noticed earlier but I figured my multimeter was just incorrect (it’s rather cheap), however the measurements are consistent.
Could this be something I hear? And could this have something to do with a bad soldering job on my end?

I measured both on the left driver by measuring between the ground and the connection for the left channel and the ground and positive of the right channel (the outgoing wires on the left driver).


At a minimum it would effect power delivery to each channel just from the difference in resistance.

Yeah that’s my concern as well. Unfortunately the old driver is dead so I can’t know if that one did read 250 Ohm, maybe both drivers were 265 ohm and that’s why I only notice now that I have one that actually is 250 ohms…

I’m guessing the factory measures and puts drivers with very closely matched resistances in pairs of headphones. Sorry about your luck.

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I’ll send a message to Beyerdynamic, they could at least mention impedance variation somewhere on the product page of the spare drivers since this seems like something to keep in mind when buying a spare part… It still sounds okay and I can always f*ck with the balance a bit I guess.

So yeah, the drivers aren’t tuned the same at all.
I used the “Driver Matching” sound on this site and that is not centered. It starts the tiniest bit to the right, which is not that big of a deal, but about 60% in the sound moves from the center to the left for like three seconds and then back to the center again…
Why sell spare drivers if they’re going to be tuned completely different :persevere:.

Sorry about your luck sir.

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Might try adjusting the balance in Windows (or EQ APO). No idea if the resistance difference will affect the FR, but balance / EQ adjustments are free. Sorry for your luck man =(.

Do you know if it’s possible to eq one channel? It’s a bit of a hassle since I’m on Linux but I could try I guess. Though I will also start setting aside money for a replacement. Out of all the things I expected could go wrong modding my headphones, I’ve got to say that this was a surprise…

If anything, I’d assume it being on Linux makes it more likely to be possible. But fuck if I know how you’d do it =/. Google? I doubt it’ll work out but might be a fun-ish experiment. Could use the experience to really dial in your next headpones to sound better to you, for your music =).

Edit: again, really sorry for your troubles.

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll look into it!
Yeah I’m replacing them with multiple headphones probably, it’s a good excuse to go shopping (from home ofc).

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