Weird V shape cans?

(sorry for long post, lots of info to get across)

Been dipping my toes into the audiophile headphone space recently, trying to find a set that will satisfy my weird ears, specifically I’m looking for a “V shape” set, but with the dip focused on 1khz instead of 2khz as seems to be the standard. An example:

This is the EQ I have setup for my Corsair void (non-elite, non-pro, the first iteration) wireless headset at the moment. I would have the bass higher but they start having dynamic range issues much above these settings.

Back to the task at hand, I have a budget of up to $1k for a set of cans and the ifi Zen dac v2 to drive them. I feel closed backs will probably be easier to get the bass response I want, but may make the treble bits Harder, so I’m not opposed to opens/semi-opens.

I actually bought, tried, and returned a pair of Meze 99 classics, which just really didn’t fit the sound profile I want. I really liked the bass response, they had a ton of detail and good soundstage, but too much in the mids and not enough treble for me.

A friend of mine let me try some HD 560s which were close to what I want, but the bass response was lacking and the treble was just, off. Also tried a set of ATH-m40x’s at guitar center, also close-ish to what I want but really not good enough to consider.

Thanks in advance for the help with this

I’d have to look but beyers have v shape signatures, harmonicdyne does as well, emu teak does, akg k371 sorta but more harman, and dan clark aeons do again harman.

Would suggest digging into those

Thanks for the recommendations, I’ll check them all out

Audio Technica has a headphone called the ATH-WP900 that is very V-shaped. Light, comfortable and easy to drive.

Thanks for the input, I’ll add it to the list, right now it looks like based on frequency response graphs, the Beyer t5p might be a good fit, just wish they weren’t almost $1k on their own lol

Pretty good prices used on those T5’s. I traded for a set a few months ago. I have been comparing these head to head with my new Elegia’s this week.

As an FYI, I don’t find the T5’s V-shaped at all. Of course I have never really noticed headphones being V-shaped in a noticeable way. Until the Audio Technica WP900 came along. It really has scooped out mids, IMO.

Interesting, I’ll definitely look into those, looks like my local best buy might actually have a set in stock, would be nice to try them out

If you are looking for v-shape with good bass and withdrawn mids, i would go for the dt 770 pro (250 ohm)

Maybe something like the Denon ah d7200 could also be your cup of coffee, i like it’s bass respond without it being a muddy mess