WHAMMY HP amp question

Anybody listened to one? Designed by Wayne Colburn of Pass Labs. Looking for sound comparisons to other amps. Or just general feedback on sound quality. Thanks.

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I just finished building one, initial impression is very positive, I’d take it over my Jotenheim, or the THX I’ve heard. Where it shines is in dynamics and tonality.
It’ll also drive pretty much anything, I pulled out my T50 RP2’s and it’s more than loud enough for me at 11:00 on the volume dial.
It’s a very good sounding SS amp.
I need to listen some more before giving a full impression.


Thanks. What case did you use?


The board is designed to fit it. You will need to ensure you have the tools necessary to cut out the opening for the IEC socket. The only hole that needs to be drilled precisely is the one for the volume pot, you have a fair amount of leeway in everything else.


Right on. Thanks for the heads up.