What am I doing wrong? (PC Audio)

I can not get my audio to work properly.

AKG headphones plugged into dac/amp (Sennheiser GSX 1000) via 3.5mm jack.
The amp then connects to my pc via USB.
At this point things are working great!

Mic (Blue Yeti X) connected to pc via USB.
This is where things go wrong.

I use chat apps like “Discord” and sometimes “Steam” but ever since I’ve started to use my new setup I can’t get the mic to work at the same time as my headphones and dac/amp. Either the mic wont pickup my voice or the headphones have no sound, the issues vary and change randomly.

My question is… Is it normal to have a USB mic connected and a USB dac/amp connected at the same time without issues? Or have I stumbled across a common error?

Have you checked in your sound settings (right click the little speaker icon in the bottom right of the taskbar) to make sure that output and input are set to the correct devices? Sometimes my computer will put my mic as the output (I think since it has a port for monitoring).

You may need to find similar settings within Discord, or other programs you use.

Hi MrAyrit, Yes I’ve changed those settings numerous times unfortunately, I’m really confused as to what this issue is.
For example… if I plug the headphone 3.5mm jack straight into the pc everything works fine, also if I plug the headphone directly into the Blue Yeti mic, again, everything works fine and as it should do. The problems only appear to be present when i introduce a USB dac/amp into the setup. I’m beginning to think I may have a hardware fault or some sort of incompatibility issue.

I use a USB mic and also a USB dac, and can even have multiple dacs connected with no issues.

Go into your sound control panel and see, if everything is set correctly as the default output/ input devices. I use an USB Dac and an usb modmic together and it works fine. You probably have to switch your input default from your gsx/motherboard to the blue mic. Disable all the inputs you don’t use. Might work.

Definetly not normal behaviour. As in: When does something just work?

As you want all your sound to go over the GSX1000, go to Discord Voice & Video and set Output deevice to default and Input device the Blue Yeti:

Then you click on the speaker symbol in windows and select the GSX from the list (click on the device to bring up a list):

In case the above fails:
Download and install VoiceMeeter

  • Hardware out is the GSX1000
  • Virtual Input is Discord mic in
  • HW-Input would be internal loopback (or similar, may have to enable that in Windows Sound manager or Driver in case of Realtek onboard)
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Thank you everyone I will put all this to the test and get back to you. :+1::+1::+1::+1: