What am I missing? Potential system upgrade

Hi everyone. Have been away from posting (am still reading occasionally) but glad to be back!
I recently acquired an Audiolab 6000cdt CD transport and am loving it. Listening to new music every night.
My DAC is a Geshelli Jnog2 with an Atom Amp. Headphones are the AKG 702. I’ve had these for a while.

I am getting really great sound out of this rig but honestly I was expecting more…

Are my headphones not resolving enough? I feel as though I’m missing out on immense detail immersion I hear a lot of folks talk about. And, when I listen to high quality reference speakers the detail is night and day.

Music listening is coming to be a huge part of my life and I think a further investment into headphones might be a good idea?

Thanks everyone for your suggestions - happy to be back.

Can you provide what your speaker setup is? That may help explain why your headphones pale in comparison.

Mainly the B&W 600 series, JBL Studio 580, SVS Ultra towers, Focal Aria, etc

looking at the price of the ultra towers and aria, im not remotely surprised the 702 which is $210 on amazon is disappointing.
Comparing to something like a focal clear, hifiman arya, lcd x, etc or better yet utopia, he1000, lcd4z, etc (on a high quality amp) might be a fairer comparison

I don’t own these speakers, just a few that i’ve listened to in the past and went “wow”…
not getting the same wow factor with my setup. maybe id do sub $1000 on headphones?

well speakers will sound different than headphones, nothing is going to change that. Depending on what about it wow’d you, the sr1a/mysphere are the closest in presentation and the 1266tc is the closest in macrodynamics/slam.
I can’t really tell you what price point will get you that wow factor. Are you able to demo some…?

You should get new headphones.
What do you like to listen to?

thank you both for your help - just went with the dan clark aeon open - very excited.
i have a jds labs atom and a magni 3+, will probably sell one of them though as they sound very similar.

how did you pick that headphone? usually isnt a go-to recommendation anymore

good price, good reviews, made in usa, 3 year warranty
DROP + Dan Clark Aeon Flow Open X