What are Reclockers?

Been looking at reclockers (master clocks, jitterbugs idk what to call them lol) and wondering what advantages they bring to a system and if it’s worth investing in one or if it’s all snake oil. And if it is potentially advantageous to have one does anyone have any recommendations.

The goal of reclocking is to provide a more precisely clocked signal that can reduce jitter and fix latency issues. It does improve the sound if you don’t have the best latency. For audio production, clocking components together can yield much better quality audio. Most dacs have good clocking and it’s not really an issue for playback. Devices like that do make a difference in extremely highly resolving systems, but TBH I would put your money towards something else unless you can tell you have issues. If you are curious I would see if you could get one with returns with no questions to ask.

Okay. I’ll also ask around where I work just in case to see if I can borrow one if somebody has one.

I was looking at this ifi nano iusb 3.0 thing and it seemed… interesting but spec details said it’s more for systems that are in excess of 1500 usd.

It’s pretty nice tbh if you have any issues with usb but it is costly. Depending on your dac you can get an external clock but that’s another ballgame

I just looked and chord doesn’t carry any external clocks in its line lol

You would look for a coax wordclock in and out but if you don’t have it don’t worry about it

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