What are some good & affordable class A amps?

suggestions with notes of whether they’re on the warm or analytical side of neutral. both solid state and tube.

The asgard 3 is a good pick, the darkvoice 336se are good picks

Audio-gd NFB-1AMP is my favorite. Amazing volume control, very clean and reasonably transparent. Tons of power.

the darkvoice 336se ‘are’ good pics? a singular in plural? variants?

Ah my bad lol, there is only one

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I take great delight in pointing them out… :wink:

the rebel amp is 500$ got a good review from zeos

I’m very curious to see how it would compare to an asgard 3, really curious about that one

sidebar: would the darkvoice push 600 ohm k240’s?

Most likely no lol

so you’re saying there’s a chance lol


Let me rephrase, no


:joy: nuts …

why not M0N? I thought tubes were good for high impedance headphones?

The 600 ohm k240 are very low sensitivity and need a ton of power to get going, harder to drive than other high impedance headphones

how are they different enough that they can’t be driven but the 600 ohm Beyer’s can be?

So they aren’t the most efficient, but they can get to a listenable volume, but they don’t sound that great without boatloads of power. They are less efficient than the 880 600 ohm

I’m going to kibosh that purchase… they’d be a wall ornament

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I was able to drive my buddy’s K240 600 ohm off of the DarkVoice…but…my DarkVoice is Fitz modded (2x 220 uF 16 volt capacitors from the driver tube 4 and 8 O’clock pins to the main voltage rail, which gives me slightly higher gain) but I also had to use a higher gain power tube as well (Tung Sol 7236, GE 5998). Still had to go to 3 O’Clock on the volume knob to get a fairly reasonable listening level.


Aune B1s. Class A for IEM’s. I even tried it on High gain/High Current with Fostex T60’s. Not bad. Not bad at all.