What are some songs you recently listened to, of genres you normally dislike or don't listen to?

Seeing as to how I keep finding these pretty unknown songs of genres I normally dislike or don’t listen to at all, I was wondering how the rest fare in this regard.

Nekrogoblikon - Goblins

Have few of their songs since one boi gave them to me as amp and dac testing samples. Overall it’s a heavy metal band I think and what I truly hate in it is this damn growling and screaming vocal (check Dressed As Goblins for a comparison). But this track is different. They took a different approach and I really like it.

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ISIS - Panopticon

Wills Dissolve

  • dont listen to post metal but this is great - had to get some fat stings for drop C and leran the guitar riff
  • very good recording
  • the vinyl version is insanely rare but even better
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Ive been listening to a lot of pop lately. going through the top 40 of the years 1981 and up. also been listening to a lot of lady gaga lately which is very unlike me. sigh, i just dont know what to do with myself. but that stuff sounds good in my Arya headphones


you should check out some kpop, some nice stuff there

Since about 2000 I’ve avoided the vast majority of radio pop. I’ve also never been a country fan. I agree with @Antpage2, Lady Gaga is about the only current pop artist whose work I consistently enjoy. The genre, IMO, is somewhat lifeless and vapid. But Gaga’s work has depth. I’m not opposed to the genre outright, so suggestions are welcome here.

As for country, there are really 2 specific songs that I enjoy. The first one goes back to the early 80’s:

Super catchy groove and chorus, IMO.

The other, yes, is the True Blood theme song:

That show could go on a similar list of shows from a genre I wouldn’t normally pay attention to but started to like. My girlfriend (now partner) at the time thought we should try the show together, and I got hooked. I tapped my foot to this intro song every single time.

Now that I’ve typed that, I realized the theme song to season one of True Detective is also from a music genre I don’t listen to but I really like this song:

Interesting thread.

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The vocals remind me a lot of the song Exit Strategy Of A Wrecking Ball by Diablo Swing Orchestra. The songs kind of feel similar too.
Maybe you’ll like it!

Same here. I feel most modern pop is devoid of any soul. I think the last songs I really enjoyed were made in 2013 or before that.

This one in particular, but nothing after that really.

And on the topic of Lady Gaga, I haven’t listened to her for nearly a decade now… I should probably check out what she’s made in that time.

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Will do, bud!

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So, I listen mostly to metal and electronic, with some sprinkling of Romanian folk, classical and opera, but, there are a few unexpected songs that always find a place in my playlists

Here are 2:

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