What are the affordable IEM's known for their sound stage and imaging?

and are respected for how they perform as well? by affordable, let’s say $200 and down?

edit 1 - must have removable cables.
edit 2 - these aren’t for gaming…but for listening to orchestral music with a focus on cello.

Tanchjim Hana 2021 (imaging)
Sony EX800ST (soundstage)

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what about both together? LoL! :joy:

One Hana one ex800st…


FD5 but that’s 300usd. Not sure if the new FD3 is the same qualities, but it’s only 100usd. You can check some reviews later


Final Audio E’s are worth a look :+1:

I have ready many reviews on the FA E series and have no recollection of their imagine and sound stage being lauded. good IEM’s for sure though, I’ve had the E2000’s.

also, I should say, removable cables… :wink:

I actually really like the E500 when using VR for it’s imaging and sort or soundstage (I have heard bigger, but placement is great). Probably my favorite set when playing. I might prefer the Dunu EST112 when movie watching in VR.

Still looking for a good IEM cable management solution though when in VR.

mmm…this isn’t for gaming…it’s for orchestral music with a focus on strings like cello.

Then for imaging + timbre I’m personally a big fan of the NF Audio NM2+

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The Reecho & peacock Spring does good with strings…the bass ani’t shabby either…oh and the cable detaches :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Get the Tanchjim Hana 2021. Cuz if it really is performing on the Oxygen´s level, damn.

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So that is what it is for… ever since I bought it used I have come back to it and tried to find where in my library it really fits. Probably my most confusing IEM.

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+1. Need to order one myself too

I don’t know exactly where it sits but I do enjoy it with stuff I listen to :+1:


It bounces for me. One track I love it and the next track on the same album it just sounds off. It is just a bizarre IEM I got because honestly I like the cable and it was $70. I do feel I have gotten good value out of it though.

Ok gonna get them on the DX300…had a few beers lets see :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

The blue one?

I like that black and brown for my teas tho >_>

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Yep the blue and white one, not my preference for weight… but it is beautiful.

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Got a picture? Linsoul photos seem too edited to even judge

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