What are the cheapest OTL tube amps?

lots of inexpensive hybrids out there…but what about OTL?

Here’s a good post - What are the best hybrid and otl tube amps under $500?


I decided to go for the SW51+.

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I’m sure Nobsound/Little Bear do something
LittleDot Mk2 - and probably others
Dark Voice
Bottlehead Crack - Personally I would start here
Schiit Valhalla
Feliks Echo

Just a comment on this, there are very few parts in an OTL headphone amp, at the very low end the primary cost is going to be in the Box, the Tubes themselves and the PSU.
Design matters BUT you will never get past the penny pinching on the quality of passive components.

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The term “cheap” here can also be a bit misleading. For example, the stock tubes in the Darkvoice are ok, but the DV’s performance dramatically increases with higher quality tubes - which should surprise no one. I suspect that such is the case with the Little Dot as well. Beginning with the Bottlehead and higher, the manufacturer probably puts more care into matching tubes to their designs. But I say this because I think the Darkvoice should not really be considered a ~$200 amp. By the time you find the tubes you like most to go with it you’re likely up to $300 - and that’s only if you find those tubes quickly.

you’re funny…cause that’s my post as well.

aside from hybrid’s, the least expensive OTL I know of is the Little Dot MkII, but I wondered if there were options even cheaper, so I asked.

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oh sorry. :smile:

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