What are the good headsets for gaming and music?

most headsets actually suck at what they’re meant for, so don’t even think of good music playback. however, there are a few winners out there, with the two that come to my mind being the Cooler Master MH751 and 751.

the 752 has a USB dongle that provides a higher quality DAC and slight amplification vs mobo audio, while the 751 is your usual and has the 3.5mm plugs for stereo and microphone. these two made waves when they came out a year or so ago because of just how good their audio quality was…particularly for music.

now we all know having a good headphone with add-on mic is usually the best way to get the best of both worlds, but that often comes with added expenses some just cannot afford or justify. so this is just about headsets.


I liked my friends Beyerydynamic Custom Game
Mic quality is 10/10 for the price (it is that good for the price, you can get the headset gear seperatly). Sound is not as beyerdynamic as I expected and comfort is top.

Audiotechnica ATH-ADG1X is like the ATH-500x or 700x, but with a mic attached. The Mic is a little sensetive so maybe keep that further away (unless you are one of those “chat whisperers”, then eat the thing!)

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PC37x is actually pretty nice, I do like it for both music and gaming but it is a bit more gaming. The LCD gx isn’t bad for that duty either (although I would just recommend you grab and lcd x and the mic cable instead)


Not the biggest fan of it personally for music.

Yeah, for me it’s definitely fine for music but it does lean more towards gaming than music

The audeze Mobius and the hyperx cloud orbit do all rounding pretty well the Mobius just has latency issues they kinda suck for games but the cloud orbit fixes that by making wired good on them

Also liked the Sennheiser G4me One more than CM 751 when did a quick store test.
There actually seems to be special price on the real deal with 108$ in local store… Ordered.

Bit of a later reply here on this one. I have tested generally every “gaming headset” out there with exception to the really awful ones and the cooler master some people bring up here. If you want the general best of the best headsets? Audeze Mobius/Hyperx Cloud Orbit(they are the same outside of wiring and some extra options) these are expensive but have a huge option selection and a equalizer setting for any game scenario they have some of the best sound I have had the pleasure to game with and they are packed with Planar Magnetics which makes the sound fast and punchy. Get the audeze for wireless and orbit for wired ignore the 3d feature its practically worthless less you use VR. My only complaint is the clamping force, mainly on the lower jaw, is a bit much and could use some stretching out and the bass response leaves a bit to be desired. Next headset would be the Steel Series Arctis Pro + GameDac normally anytime I tried a steel series I just wasn’t a big fan I had bought the arctis 7 and it was decent enough the pro with its gamedac is a straight upgrade to the 7 but it comes with its own cost sound is great and bass is HEAVY to the point if you amp it on the equalizer the headset will actually start vibrating yet the mic is such high quality the vibrations and very loud music doesn’t bleed into its microphone. These two headsets were easily the two best gamer headsets I have ever tried. Outside of that… lets see if you want a cheaper options Hyperx Cloud 2 don’t bother with alphas they aren’t worth that much, Sennheiser gsp 500 and its later gsp numbers may be slightly uncomfortable for some due to “tension bands” on top of the headset also gsp 500 has some strange sound issues with ps4 the mic wouldn’t work for me less I used an amp its possible the sound card for the ps4 is too weak, Sennheiser G4me One or the Pc37x from massdrop which is typically better mind you I am not particularly a fan of these they are essentially the same headset as the hyperx clouds just with a better mic but even that better microphone has some issues with sound bleeding through the mic. Lastly the ones I can recommend are the most versatile in sound and thats the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus(grab this over custom game as this one now comes with a mic) which is fully customizable and can be changed from close back to open back I was honestly very surprised with how good these sounded plus the customizability is really lovely for a gamers headset for someone who doesn’t know what preference they like these are also really good as you get the best of multiple worlds for sound and they respond decently to an equalizer. and lastly these 2 are actual headphones incase you ever want to dive into REAL sound for gaming the ever popular Sennheiser 58x Jubilee since it doesn’t need an amp for gaming just a modmic which you can pick up for $40-$120 depending on which one you prefer and the Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro 32 ohm which is in the same boat, if you prefer closed backs switch this to the DT 770 which can be 16 or 32 ohm. You can actually find the beyers I listed for $60-$100 in mint condition from time to time from other people selling them. I only added these last ones because price wise they would come out in the same price brackets as the others listed at the top. Hope that helps a little!