What are the used Headphone / DAC / Amp resources?

Canuck Audio Mart
US Audio Mart

  • other ??? Audio Mart options exist, take a look if you’re international
    r/AVexchange on reddit

what else is out there?

Headfi classifieds work, audiogon, reverb.com if you are looking for more pro gear, hifi shark is helpful, ebay is huge, looking on local buying and selling sites like Craigslist, letgo, etc., and there are more region oriented ones too


yes…I should have thought of the big three…CL, KJ and Ebay. alas, CL and KJ are useless to me due to the low population density in the remote area I live. literally every section is just sponsored ad’s, barely any local content, LoL!

for regional…any of them have a CDN presence? a lot of people in the US don’t want to ship cross border. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not from Canada so I don’t know. eBay and larger stuff like that will I think

Head-fi, r/AVexchange, and DMS/Zeos discord servers are a few others I use. You can use hifishark.com to search all of them(besides discord) on one website. Might have to pay a premium to ship from US to Canada but most people are willing to do it

what’s the info for the DMS/Zeos Discord server?

I’m no longer in them otherwise I would give you an invite link. Same idea as everywhere else in regards to buying gear, get photos and pay with paypal G&S. Sometimes you’ll find really good deals on there

I had a co-worker tell me he is selling some (non-audio) stuff on OfferUp.com (he uses the app).

It’s basically a craigslist but with a built-in messaging.

My city had the usual infinite Beats/Bose listings, but there are a few interesting finds and some cool vintage audio listings.

Facebook marketplace can be good