What are your favorite covers?

I’m sitting here listening to some songs I know are covers, but the artist made their own. Couldn’t help but wonder what your favorites are? Here’s a couple of mine:
Johnny Cash - Hurt (originally by Nine Inch Nails)

Disturbed - Sound of Silence (originally by Simon and Garfunkle)


Oh yes, love Disturbed version. His voice is something else.

The white stripes - Jolene

Just loves the emotion he puts into it…

Katzenjammer - Land of confusion

Johnny Cash - solitary man

Cash version is so much better than the original imho. Hurt is also superb, and Cash is just great at covers (“heart of gold” and “Personal Jesus” is also worth mentioning.)

Nirvana - Where did you sleep last night

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Good choices. I was thinking about starting a similar thread and you beat me to it. I’ll add a few…

I go back and forth as to whether Metallica or Bob Seger did this one better:

Jimi did the definitive version of this song. Many don’t realize Bob Dylan did it first:

On the subject of Bob Dylan, his son Jakob and band “The Wallflowers” did a bang up job covering “Heroes” by David Bowie:

Nirvana also did a gread Bowie cover with “Man Who Sold the World”

And much more obsuce…Ghost covered “Bible” by Imperiet. I’ll post both, with Ghost first.

Original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0wiVg-rFq0

I’m going down a rabbit hole here, but it’s fun. This is the English cover of “Der Kommissar” originally by Falco, this one done by After The Fire:

This is fun. I’ll post more if I come across them.


If I remember correctly, the lead for NIN even said after hearing Johnny’s cover that it wasn’t his song anymore. You can hear the pain he was practically reliving, remembering the hell Cash went through again and again throughout his life, knowing he was about to join his wife (who had recently past at the time) in death.

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Dan avidan really has a voice that is perfect for 70’s to late 80’s music

and DEnzel curry really nails the agression needed in this song I would love to hear him in a metal of hard rock band. sort a like a modern run DMC but harder

man he really nailed sound of silence . one of my favorite covers too.


Moar Dylan Covers, The Smiths & Kanye.

I don’t care a lot for the original, but I like this cover of Since U Been Gone that A Day To Remember did. Basically a heavy rock version of it.

Game of Thrones theme cover:

Carmina Burana Cover:

WaveTheory already posted a few of my favorites, and in my opinion Hendrix’s All Along The Watchtower is the greatest cover song, but here are a few more that I like.


Original/Songwriter’s Version



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System of a Down covers Black Sabbath

The best cover ever! I think I even like it better than the original.

Just listen to Faith No More - Easy, and i just love that song, and its a cover, so i thought it should go here :slight_smile:

I love tenacious D, and they do a good job of this song I think
The Last in Line, originally a Dio song. This album is a tribute to Dio from a bunch of bands


Black Magic Woman - Fleetwood Mac

Cocaine - J.J. Cale

Call Me The Breeze - J.J. Cale