What are your favorite sources of music journalism?

The title pretty much sums it up. I’m interested in most genres and time periods.

I’ll go first. This site looks interesting, they also have a podcast with artist interviews and more.

The needle drop.
I often disagree with his reviews but he’s so godamn entertaining plus his range in taste in music is nice as even though I may not aggree with his takes as often my familiarity with his somewhat consistent taste and rubrik has lead me to being exposed to many artists and genres I normally wouldn’t explore without the prejudice his review would have put in my head. He’s the largest music reviewer for a reason I guess…


You need to find underground or niche blogs. Mainstream music journalism is dead.

Outlets like Rolling Stone, Spin, Pitchfork and Consequence of Sound are just extensions of the PR and marketing machines of the record labels. Even the incredibly useful AllMusic.com rarely issues a review under three or four stars.

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Less of a review but Bandcamp daily covers a wide range of genres and projects, although it’s all generally music from the last year or two.

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That sounds like good advice. Are there any specific blogs that you like?

I like Saving Country Music for real (non-Nashville schlock and bro country shit) country and alt-country, two genres I enjoy.

For rock, it’s not a blog, but the “Sound Opinions” podcast with Chicago-area music journalists Jim DeRogaitis and Greg Kot is a must-listen to me every week. Fantastic.

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